“Illegal Colonial Rule” Effect

South Korean government and its supreme court now officially insists that Japanese annexation of Korea, aka “colonization/occupation”, was illegal. Therefore, Koreans insists they have the right to seek compensation for the “illegal colonial rule”

by using the phrase “illegal colonial rule,” the court in substance adopted the standpoint that Japan’s colonial rule was legally invalid. This will have the effect of making most of the law-based activities by Japan during colonial rule “illegal,” giving most South Koreans who lived under colonial rule the right to seek damages for the “illegal” activities. In short, the ruling not only placed the individual rights of South Koreans who lived in the colonial period to seek compensation outside the framework of the 1965 agreement, but also, by recognizing the scope of the “illegal” activities broadly, effectively allowed a wide spectrum of people to seek damages associated with Japan’s colonial rule.


No western countries ever apologized nor pay any compensations whatever to former colonies. They don’t even acknowledge their brutality of their colonial rules. The White literally enslaved Asians under their colonial rule. Japan treated Taiwanese and Koreans as citizens.

If colonization was unlawful, like they say, all the western countries must pay the compensations for the former colonies. The current international order will end and chaos and war would follow.

Congrats Korea!


Shame on you, Koreans

A Korean(-American?) killed a Japanese-American in the US.

OK, fine, it happens.



She used to own a Japanese restaurant. WHAT?? 

A South Korean newspaper reports as follow


“Korean, Ms Kyung Hee Dowdle was arrested for killing Toshio Ota, a Japanese-American”

WTF?? A killer suspect = Ms.  A victim = without Mr…

Shame on you, Koreans.


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“I’m Zapanese…”


More and more South Koreans ditching their nationality despite the ultra nationalistic education and politics

More and more South Koreans ditching their nationality. This year more than 30,000 chose to lose South Korean passports while annual average of around 20,000 in the past 10 years.

About 72% chose the US, 11% Canada, 8% Japan, and 3% Australia. About 5,000 Koreans chose Japanese nationality over Korea’s in a year. Looks like they are escaping from South Korea to free and liberal countries.

Who wants to live in a ultra nationalistic brainwashing crazy country like South Korea? I certainly don’t.

What about Japanese? In 2018, only 1058 chose to lose Japanese nationality.

PS. The biggest problem is that many South Koreans are highly nationalistic and try to influence other countries politics and media in favor of Koreans. For example, you often see Korean names in Journalism or Academics. Many Koreans try to push their nationalistic views through education and media. Yes it’s similar to Chinese communist party has been trying to do.


S. Korea covered up mass slave labors


An Associated Press investigation shows that the abuse of these so-called vagrants at Brothers, the largest of dozens of such facilities, was much more vicious and widespread than previously known, based on hundreds of exclusive documents and dozens of interviews with officials and former inmates.

Yet nobody has been held accountable to date for the rapes and killings at the Brothers compound because of a cover-up orchestrated at the highest levels of government, the AP found.

The current government, however, refuses to revisit the case, and is blocking a push by an opposition lawmaker to do so on the grounds that the evidence is too old.

Ahn Jeong-tae, an official from Seoul’s Ministry of the Interior, said focusing on just one human rights incident would financially burden the government and set a bad precedent. The Brothers’ victims, he said, should have submitted their case to a temporary truth-finding commission established in the mid-2000s to investigate past atrocities.

“We can’t make separate laws for every incident and there have been so many incidents since the Korean War,” Ahn said.




In another words, “if South Korea could use this against Japan, we would use this forever. Otherwise, we ignore and cover this up”


Brothers Home

Slavery on salt farms in Sinan County

Korean Prostitution, aka “Sex Slaves”, ring busted in USA

It’s just the latest of the Korean spa prostitution rings. Please do not pretend to be Japanese or use sushi restaurants. I really don’t like the way South Koreans use “Japanese” to try to hide their identity. See other examples:  “I’m Zapanese…”

Prostitution ring busted at Asheville ‘spa’

ASHEVILLE, N.C. — Three women face prostitution charges tied to a home on Rose Hill Road that they operated as a spa, WLOS reports.

On Friday, the Buncombe County Anti-Crime Task Force arrested 63-year-old Kum Sun Morrison, 54-year-old Kyung Ah Kim and 54-year-old Myong Suk Jaco.

All three women are listed as Asheville residents in the warrants, according to WLOS.

Morrison is charged with felony promoting prostitution for profit. Warrants state that she is accused of maintaining a residence for prostitution, that the residence was a known place of prostitution, and that the spa charged a $60 entry fee.

Kim and Jaco are both charged with offering sex for money. Both women bonded out.




성 매매 알선하고 마약공급까지, 한인 곳곳서 함정수사 덜미

2018-11-23 (금) 김철수 기자 글꼴크게작게인쇄이메일facebooktwitter구글
미 전국적으로 한인 성매매 업주들이 함정단속에 걸려 체포되고 있는 가운데 노스캐롤라이나 애쉬빌 지역에서 스파를 운영하며 성매매를 해오던 한인 여성 3명이 경찰의 단속에 걸려 체포됐다.

번콤 카운티 강력범죄 단속반은 지난 16일 애쉬빌 주택가에 스파를 차려놓고 성매매를 일삼던 한인 모리슨 금선(63), 김경아(54), 제이콥 명석(54) 3명을 체포했다고 밝혔다.

경찰은 이날 체포된 3명의 여성들 가운데 모리슨씨의 경우 성매매 관련 지명 수배자로 등록이 되어 있었으며, 주택가에 스파를 차려 놓은 뒤 손님 한 명 당 60달러를 받고 성매매 업소를 운영한 것으로 알려졌다.

이보다 앞선 지난 7일에는 달라스 지역에서 한인 모자가 성매매 여성들을 조직적으로 관리 및 운영해온 혐의로 체포됐다. 이들은 손님들에게 코카인과 발기부전 치료제 등도 공급해온 혐의도 받고 있다고 현지 언론이 전했다.

달라스 법원이 공개한 소장에 따르면 한인 헬렌 김(58)씨와 아들 멘도사 주니어는 ‘달라스에 방문하는 사업가들이 하룻밤 잠자리를 위해 여성 20명과 코카인 등 마약을 원한다’며 접근한 경찰의 함정수사에 덜미를 잡혔다.

김씨와 아들은 함정수사에 나선 형사에게 ‘여성 1명당 2,000달러씩, 총 4만 달러가 필요하다’고 구체적인 금액을 제시했고 특히 김씨는 선금을 요구하면서 함정수사에 나선 경찰이 5,000달러를 미리 지급하기도 했다.

선금을 받은 김씨는 지난달 16일 한인이 운영하는 일식당에서 경찰을 만나 성매매 여성 3명을 직접 확인시켜줬다. 김씨는 지난 달 24일 또 다시 형사를 만나 다른 성매매 여성 25명도 준비됐다며 나머지 금액을 요구했다.

달라스 법원에 따르면 김씨는 2007년에도 성매매 업소를 운영한 혐의로 적발돼 보호감찰 3년을 선고 받기도 했다.



Kum Sun Morrison, Kyung Ah Kim and Myong Suk Jaco







前金を受け取ったキムは先月16日、韓人が運営する日本料理店(Sushi Bar)で警察に会い、売春女性3人を直接確認させた。キムさんは先月24日に再び刑事に会い、違う売春女性25人を用意したと残金を要求した。


Rising Sun Flag : Korean group demanding a paint to be removed





Also, Koreans are demanding Disney’s Dumbo movie is also not tolerable. It’s a

Circus Tent. Idiots!


Even the communist party of China uses this in the propaganda posters.

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Rising Sub Flag

The Republic of Korea hosted a navy fleet review at Jeju Island on October 10 to 14, 2018. South Korea requested all participating countries to display only their national flags and the flag of the Republic of Korea on their vessels. Japan balked at the demand, with the then-Defense Minister Itsunori Onodera, since replaced, claiming the display of the Rising Sun Flag should be mandatory under Japanese law. South Korean Foreign Minister Kang Kyung-wha urged Japan to be more considerate about Japan’s controversial colonial rule of the Korean Peninsula and stated that her ministry will review “possible and appropriate options” before deciding to take stronger international actions when asked whether South Korea could raise the issue with the United Nations.[25]

Japan announced on October 5, 2018, that it will be withdrawing from the fleet review because it could not accept Seoul’s request to remove the Rising Sun Flag. Defense Minister notified the South Korean government of its decision. Both nations reiterated the need for continued defense cooperation.[26]

When the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force was established in 1954, it adopted the Rising Sun Flag (Kyokujitsu-ki) as its ensign to show the nationality of its ships. It was approved by GHQ/SCAP. On 28 September 2018 an official of Japan’s Ministry of Defense said that the South Korean navy’s request lacks common sense and that they would not partake in a fleet review, since no country would follow such a request.[27] On October 6, 2018, JSDF Chief of Staff Katsutoshi Kawano said the Rising Sun Flag is the Maritime Self-Defense Force sailors’ “pride” and that the MSDF would absolutely not go if they had to remove the flag.[14][28]

Korea did not object to Japan’s adoption of the Rising Sun Flag for the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force in 1952, nor to the entry into Korean port carrying the flag on a warship at the 1998 and 2008 navy fleet review held in Korea.[29] Korean negative campaigns against the Rising Sun Flag began in 2011 when a Korean football player Ki Sung-yueng was accused of making a racial gesture, which he defended claiming he was annoyed at having seen a Rising Sun Flag in the stadium.[30] The next year in 2012, a word “war crime flag” was coined in South Korea to spread bad image of the flag.[31][32] An analysis indicates that Korean reactions to the Rising Sun Flag stem from the complicated emotion of excessive nationalism and nationalistic complex toward Japan.[33]

The Sankei Shimbun criticized South Korea’s attitude toward the Rising Sun Flag, since even the United States, who was Japan’s opponent during World War II, has not protested formally against the Rising Sun Flag.[34][35] The president of Sankei Shimbun Minagawa Hoshi said the corporate logo flag of the Rising Sun Flag design of the Asahi Shimbun, which is praised for being conscientious in Korea,[36] never had any such issues.[37]

In response to some allegations in Korea that the Rising Sun Flag is the same as the Nazi flag of Germany, the reporter Kisaragi Hayato of Searchina explained the origin of the Rising Sun Flag is the Sun and thus different. Furthermore, if South Korea insists that national symbols that Japan used to invade neighboring countries (in the past) should not be used at all, then Korea should also send objections to the use of for example the Union Jack which is the national flag of the United Kingdom and the tricolore Flag of France (Drapeau français), because these were traditionally used by the European countries during European colonialism, the first wave of European colonization (1415 to 1830 CE) and New Imperialism (late 19th and early 20th centuries).[38][39]

A Korean newspaper Maeil Business Newspaper raised a question that if Koreans accuse the Rising Sun Flag, why they are silent about the flags of China and North Korea which were opponents of the Korean War and killed hundreds of thousands of Korean people.[40]



Vietnamese Students in South Korea Raise Issues On Wartime Atrocities Committed by Korean Army Calling For Gov’t Support.

Vietnamese students in South Korea raised voices after the South Korean president Moon’s remarks of honoring Korean Army in Vietnam war.

Korean’s are condemning Japanese for wrong doings all around world and creating “symbol of hatred” everywhere while ignoring wartime massacre and women suffering from Korean army.  This is such hypocrisy.

28일 서울 세종로 정부서울청사 앞에서 열린 ‘한·베트남 역사 문제 해결을 촉구하는 기자회견’에서 베트남인 유학생 도 응옥 루옌(가운데)이 두 나라 관계 개선을 호소하고 있다. 김창길 기자 원문보기: http://news.khan.co.kr/kh_news/khan_art_view.html?artid=201706282119025&code=940100#csidx148d7713e39b1c1b3a6ee890e574d99


Koreans Whitewashing Atrocities in Vietnam War

Korean Army Comfort Women in Vietnam

Korean “Sex Slaves” for the US Soldiers

South Korean government has not yet acknowledge nor apologized any of above. You can Watch the videos of victims of Korean Army.


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