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June 16, 2008

Jon Carter Covell is a Joke

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A few Japanese bloggers (here and here) have just picked up a claim that Sen no Rikyū was a second or third generation Korean.

Little known fact, but today’s elaborate Japanese tea ceremony owes a lot to Sen Rikyū, who was second or third generation Korean Japanese. Sen’s last name would be Korean Romanized as Ch’on.

No internet link, but I got it from here:



Sounds familiar? I’ve wrote a lot about it.

blood obsession

blood obsession – revisited

Yet another Uriginal – Soy source

Korean invented Chinese characters?

“Korean Created China and Japan”…

Taekwondo is a ripp off, but we don’t remember that

Korean invented everything

The uri nara manse syndrome

In fact, Jon Carter Covell’ book “Korean Impact on Japanese Culture: Japan’s Hidden History” is very famous among Koreans and they wave the book like the Bible or Qur’an.

However, the author has less credibility than Benjamin Fulford. … meaning the author has NO credibility whatsoever. She was not even a historian. I doubt she was able to read Hanja(Chinese) and Japanese. And if you can’t read those languages, you are not entitled to talk about Korean history since Korean historical documents are written in Hanja and Japanese.

I’ve seen so many ridicules Korean articles based on the book. Any descent Korean experts know the book is a joke. But, the problem is that a few non-experts take it seriously. It is sad sad to see those who believe Korean propaganda. Korean web is full of it as you see in the beef protest.

Those Korean ridicules view of history (or fantasy) is spreading from Korean web to the English web.. Watch out.

June 14, 2008

everytime earthquake hits

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An earthquake struck (7.2 magnitude, 3 died) northeastern Japan this mourning. I’m interested to know how Koreans react this time because Koreans are known to behave very badly(especially on the web) when an unfortunate thing happens to other country.

A couple weeks ago, a Chinese newspaper reported “Japanese cried and Koreans laughed” regarding the Sichuan earthquake. Also, when the Virginia Tech massacre happened, initial reaction of Koreans and Korean newspapers were just terrible.

But those are nothing compared to how Koreans have reacted to Japanese earthquakes and accidents. Koreans went wild and laughed and made fun of those who suffered. It goes back at least 1995 when Great Hanshin earthquake took place. At the time, a boy were selling newspapers saying “Earthquake in Japan! Heaven’s punishment!”. And this bad behavior continued when Noto earthquake and Amagasaki rail crash took place.

Many Japanese blogs and some magazines picked up those and translated to Japanese. So it is relatively known to Japanese internet users what Koreans’ been saying. Many Japanese were upset and began to hate Koreans. And some began to do the same to Koreans. Yeah, that’s the “kenkan ryuu” I think. Lately, Chinese blogs began to pick up those bad behaviors and comments of the Koreans. And I’m seeing the same ill-feeling toward Koreans among Chinese people as well. I think the more Chinese know about Koreans the more Chinese will begin to dislike Koreans if Koreans keep doing this kind of childish behaviors.

So, how about this time? I don’t see much Koreans celebrating Japanese death as much as I saw the last time. Koreans are growing up? Maybe. Or maybe Koreans began to realize they are making enemies around them. Or they are too busy beating up their president.

However, you can always find if you know where to look. If you read Hangul, enjoy.

일 지진으로 몇 사람이 죽을까 kkk jdw586

아침부터 따뜻한 뉴스 자주 보았습니다..kk river3560

일본인은 정말로 바보같은 kkkkkkkkkkk.. yuyuyu____jp

일본은 나쁘다!! 아무렇게나 웃음이 나와 있는 kenji2004

=~일본인들에게 내린 신의 저주~= tokyo_blade

일본인은 알고 있습니까? 일본인이 죽으면 지옥행 확정입니다 yuyuyu____jp

일본인은 모두 죽으면 kkkkkkkkkkkkkk yuyuyu____jp

무료로 롤러코스터를 즐기는 일본인.. valdano

아토믹 폭탄을 맞은 일본이 안산 해.. messi_19

겨우 사망자 4명 뿐인가 kkk jdw586

대지진이 잘 일어나는 일본이 부러운 messi_19

jap가 곧 있으면 멸망하는군 god_of_jap

이것은 천벌이라고 생각한다. doctorl0ve

일본 빌딩 모두 무너지면 좋을 것이다 kk 218_n

메그미는 매춘부였던 kkk jdw586

이번 지진은 내가 마법을 사용한 것이다 enjapan_fuck

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역시 열도의 지진은 상쾌하네요 valdano

오늘은 어쩐지 기분이 좋네요 gaedon

야마토국은 지진으로 바다 속에 가라앉는다고 하지만 ….. gaedon

일본의 지진은 천벌[1] valdano

하늘에 갑사 하는 일본에 천벌을 www jdw586

야마토 국민들이 그 사이 한국을 아무리 차등인가.. gaedon

축하하는 일본 늦게 축하하는 몇 사람 죽었습니까? yaya9680

독도가 지드르탕이라고 거짓말을 말하면..모든 지진섬다이와인은 죽어 주세요. ybs9493

많이 죽었습니까? 한국의 사람들도 기뻐해 yaya9680

열등한 야마토.사람으로 태어난 것을 반성하면서 조용하게 기다립시다 kenji2004

응. 지진에 조농 만나는 것은 자업자득으로.. hotto_kohee

남대문 화재때 남대문의 앞에서 사진을 찍은 일본 여자들 사진 생각해 내는군요 일본인들..많이 죽어 냄새가 난 개미 집토끼 비온 뒤더 이마스 yaya9680

【축】지진에 의해서 이제(벌써) 4명 사망 kkk.. kmc246

일본인들은 지진우르사랑 해 ww.. jdw586

아침부터 맥주는 무리 =♪= wc4_kor

축하합니다 정말로 축하합니다 오늘은 기쁜 날경축 yaya9680

June 7, 2008

More Rumors, More Demagogy, More protests, More Violence, More Boycot, and now Witch hunts by citizens = Mass Hysteria

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It’s just painful, pathetic and above all, stupid.

‘소고기 민심’ 이번엔 불매운동
맥도날드 등 전방위 확산

여기에 네티즌들은 최근 르까프, 신선설농탕, 목우촌 등이 “보수 언론 광고를 자제하겠다”고 나서자 “물건 많이 사주자”라는 글과 함께 “아직 남은 업체가 몇 군데 있다. 리스트를 업데이트해 달라”고 인터넷을 통해 시시각각 상황을 올리고 있다.

Boycotting American products and Macdonald’s(even if the accusation was false).

앞 서 개그우먼 정선희씨는 자신이 진행하는 라디오 프로그램에서 촛불집회와 관련해 부정적인 언급을 했다는 이유로 네티즌들이 프로그램 협찬사와 정씨 광고주에 대한 불매운동을 벌였다. 정씨는 항의전화를 견디다 못해 결국 6일 사과방송을 한 뒤, 소속사를 통해 프로그램 하차 의사를 밝혔다.

Mass protests against a radio reporter who spoke negatively about the violent protest. (McCarthyism or witch hunt, you name it. This is not the only example)

‘촛불파도타기’로 지구촌도 “들썩”
6개국 9개 도시에서 “우리도 날 잡았어요”

“Let’s light up the world village with our candle lights! We’re planning at 9 big cities in 6 countries”

Oh boy, what good does it do? That only shows how crazy Koreans are to the rest of the world…


And, as usual in Korean society, those who speak rationally will be dealt with fists.

Those who don’t agree will be fucked!! (Remember this?)

June 6, 2008

Korean people at 2 am

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I obtained this image from Korean blogsphere. I repeat I did not create this. I just thought it was hilarious and thought provoking…

Japanese? No, Korean? NooOOOOOOO!!!!!! lol

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Poor Taiwanese.. I feel ya. If you wanna seriously insult Taiwanese or Japanese, say “Are you a Korean?” That’s gonna do it.

June 4, 2008

Yet another Uriginal – Soy source

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First of all, since the wikipedia article for Uriginal has been deleted permanently, I have to define what Uriginal is.

Uriginal is mintage of Korea ” Uri(Korean) + original “

Korean believes that it is uriginal. But it isn’t always “true”.

Soccer is uriginal.
Manga is Uriginal.
Karate is uriginal.
Kendo is uriginal.
Samurai is uriginal.

Urban Dictionary : Uriginal

For example, long before Sushi became popular world wide, Koreans used to make a fool of eating raw fish. However, once Sushi became “Cool”, they started claim Sushi originates from Korea.

美식당가, 日정부 ‘일식’ 인증추진에 코웃음

그는 “스시와 사시미는 원래 중국과 한국에서 유래했기 때문에” 일본은 스시가 자기들의 음식문화라고 주장할 권리가 없다면서 “일본은 2차대전 이후에 스시를 먹기 시작했지만 한국과 중국은 수천년간 스시와 사시미를 만들어 왔다”고 주장했다.

In this article, a owner of Sushi restaurant “Ginza Sushi” in LA, Jerry Kim said

“Sushi and Sashimi came from Korea and China. Japanese started to eat Sushi after 1945, and they don’t have no rights to claim about Sushi”.

He isn’t the only Korean to say such a bullshit. I’ve had enough stupid fantasic stories about it.

I can give you numerous examples like this. If you read “Korea and Her Neighbors” you’ll notice that Koreans don’t have a history of drinking tea at all. But, today they claim sado (which is an art, and spiritual zen way of serving and drinking tea) originates from Korea. How could they so arrogant and ignorant? One can only guess. If you read books such as Korea and Her Neighbors by Isabella Lucy Bird or Histoire de L’Eglise de Corée by Claude Charles Dallet, You’ll know. They did not have any of those traditions. So they have to CREATE HISTORY and TRADITIONs today otherwise they feel.. what crazy? inferior? I don’t know. Probably it’s the deeply rooted HAN or inferior complex.

A typical Korean would answer “the evil Japs took away from us!” Heck you idiot. Those books were written way before Japan annexed Korea.

They did not have Kendo(or Kumdo), Sado, Kado, Judo, Karate, Origami, Matsuri, Sakura, or any of those things.

Korean invented Chinese characters?

Taekwondo is a ripp off, but we don’t remember that

Korean invented everything

This time, a new target is Soy source.

동은FC는 우선 간장소스부터 출시할 계획이다. 세계시장에서 우리나라 전통 발효식품인 간장이 마치 일본 것으로 인식되는 것을 고치겠다는 포부다. 초기에는 일본 간장소스를 벤치마킹해 세계시장에 연착륙 한 뒤 차차 세계인의 입맛을 바꿔나갈 계획이라고 회사 측은 소개한다. 2년 내 미국 애너하임에 지사를 설립할 계획이다.

간장은 한국이 원조 ‘일본간장 잡겠다

You don’t like Kikkoman is the de-fact synonym for soy source, huh? You wanna proclaim that Korea is the true father and the originator of Soy source huh? Fu*ck. Original Soy Source came from ancient china.

A new submarine called An Jung-geun

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South Korea just launched the latest submarine and named it after “Jap-killer” An Jung-geun.

This only reveals the absence of historical figures in Korea. And it is like “those who killed Japanese for whatever reasons are our heroes”. They’ve gotta a navy ship called “Dokdo“. Now, what else do they need? lol

About the Korean obsession of “Jap killer”, read following posts.

An Jung-geun is not a XXX! He’s a general

“An Jung-geun for Korean new banknote”

“Who was Kim Gu? I think he was just a psycho.”

June 1, 2008

Korean Democracy is dead? Give me a break.

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A whole lot of Korean kids are screaming everywhere “Korean democracy is dying!”.

WTF? It’s just a bunch of stupid violent kids illegally demonstrating all fucking night. And they got asses kicked which they well deserve.

Just like I said, they started victimize themselves. I hate to say it, BUT I SAID SO. Through out the “5 billion years of Corean history” all they did was victimizing themselves.



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You have not only one, but two, huh?


May 26, 2008

It’s a riot….

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I’m watching a live footage of a riot in South Korea right now. It’s 2 :10 am.



Oh boy… Someone must be getting hurt.

It looks to me people are intentionally provoking the police and having fun. But, in the end, they will accuse the use of excessive force by police or whatever. I’m sure they(rioters) will try to victimize themselves. In a way, that became a “Korean way”.


WOW. It’s 2:33. The streaming has been shut down right after I saw an ambulance! Both of the links are now dead. That was weird…


2:50 am The first link is up again. Seems like a news reporter (women) got hurt. Detail unknown. <- This turned out to be one of the many false rumors.

Democracy Dying in South Korea

Huh? I think South Korean just don’t understand what “democracy” is all about. MANY South Koreans says democracy is demonstration. Stupid. Violent demonstration and riot are nothing to do with democracy.

This is not about US beef. This is more complex. I think pro-north leftist is behind all this, but the problem lies within the people who are easily manipulated by propaganda. I hate to say it, but South Koreans tend to become irrational as I mentioned before.

May 18, 2008

South Korea to revise distorted history school textbook. again..

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South Korea to revise distorted history school textbook. again.. (South Korea has been revising history textbooks almost every year) But, this time, it’s going in the better direction.

Unlike Japanese school textbooks, the Korean history textbook has been written by its government. So there is only one propaganda like government-made history book in South Korea. The South Korean textbook is full of distortion and anti-everything ideologies. (eg. Anti-Capitalism, Anti-America, Anti-Japan)

To hide this fact, Korean governments has been busy attacking Japanese for distorting its textbook. But this time, with new leader Lee Myung-bak, South Korea is going to fix Korean textbook instead of attacking other books.

This is a good thing. However.. South Korean government is known to use/fuel nationalism for distracting from the domestic problems. Roh Moo-hyeon was notorious for his demagogy. Now Lee Myung-bak faces whole lot of problems and approval rating is going down from 70% to 20% in a short period of time. Given some excuse, he might as well start fueling ugly nationalism and use anti-something tactics anytime. But I’m really hoping he is much smarter than previous Korean presidents.


May 17, 2008

Obama attacks South Korea and Japan

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Obama’s ‘Beef’ With U.S. Trade Policies

Speaking to a crowd of farmers in a barn, Barack Obama cited the Japanese not selling American beef as an example of how current trade policies have hurt rural communities.

You can’t get American beef into Japan (and South Korea)…even though we have the highest safety standards. They don’t want the competition,” he said in response to a question about trade and manufacturing jobs moving to China.


Obama also cited the small number of American cars sold in Korea versus the booming sales of Korean models in America.

Here is another report.

Obama Demands Japan, South Korea Open Beef Markets, Kyodo Says

By Finbarr Flynn

May 17 (Bloomberg) — Barack Obama, Democratic U.S. presidential candidate, told voters in South Dakota yesterday that Japan and South Korea must fully open their markets to U.S. beef, Kyodo News said.

Obama told a town hall meeting in the state the two countries are blocking beef imports from the U.S. because they don’t want tougher competition from U.S. producers, Kyodo News reported from Washington, citing the candidate. The U.S. needs to take a tougher stance in trade negotiations to ensure that other countries open their markets, Obama was quoted as saying.

Japan and South Korea limit imports of U.S. beef since the discovery of mad cow disease in the U.S. South Korea decided to relax rules on the import of U.S. beef last month.

In July 2006, Japan resumed importing U.S. beef, limiting shipments to meat from cattle aged 20 months or younger. The U.S. is urging Japan to remove all barriers to U.S. beef imports. Japan is considering increasing the age limit to 30 months, Kyodo reported.


First of all, currently Japan is not banning the US beef. You can buy and eat the US beef anywhere in Japan. Just visit a Yoshinoya around the corner. And the South Korea has just decided to fully open the beef market although it caused a panic in South Korea.

I don’t mind eating US beef. In fact, I’ve been eating a lot of US beef in the past and present. But I don’t think the US has the highest safety standards. If you google it, Japan has the highest safety standards and EU comes next.

The car imports of Korea is a different thing. South Korea needs to open up its car market for sure. But, the US needs to produce better, cheaper cars before demanding other country to buy US cars.

He keeps disappointing me. See Obama on Japanese history issue. I just don’t like ignorance and lies.

. (more…)

May 9, 2008

Korean education leads to mass hysteria and ochlocracy

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Anyone who are reading Korean newspapers must have already known that whole lot of Koreans going crazy over beef.

South Korean internet geeks trigger panic over US ‘tainted beef’ imports Times

They May Already Have vCJD Korea Times

A short clip

I hear a lots of insane rumors from Koreans.

The spread of groundless rumors and exaggerated facts through Web portals has amplified public angst over controversial issues.

Many of the groundless scare stories successfully make a provocative emotional appeal to Web users, often putting a heavy burden on the new administration. Given the political hue of these stories, some have raised questions over who have instigated such scares in the first place.

Scare Stories Online Take Toll on People The Dong-A ilbo

Newspapers did not help. Some Korean media reported mad cow disease was as contagious as AIDS.

I’m browsing through the Korean web right now and It’s a chaos and full of demagogues.

The last time I saw this kind of candlelight rallies was when worshipers of Hwang Woo-Suk demanded he should continue his work even though his work had been proven to be fake.

Again, it seems Koreans just stopped thinking all of sudden. However, this is NOT surprising for me at all.


“Korean created Aztec and Inca civilization”

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Here is another story in the “Korean created everything” uri nara manse series!!


May 8, 2008

Was Kim Gu a psycho? – Answer to Ms Kim

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Who was Kim Gu? I think he was just a psycho.

are you kidding?
“I think Kim Gu was just a psycho..”
on what ground is he a psycho?

“Kim Gu proudly wrote in his autobiography that he killed an innocent man and drunk the blood and painted his face with the fresh blood…:
Paekpom Ilchi: The Autobiography of Kim Ku at Amazon.com”

on which page did he write in the book about him killng innocent man proudly?
have ever had chance to read his book?

Comment by Minjung Kim

On which page did he write in the book about him killing innocent man proudly, you ask?

Kim Gu killed an innocent Japanese man


May 5, 2008

Today’s “Comfort women” or prostitutes

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50 South Koreans were busted for exporting(aka “Human trafficking“) Korean women(aka “Sex slaves“) . At least 2000 Korean women have been sold to Canada and the US.

한국여성 2000여명 美에 팔아 넘긴 조직 50명 적발

기사입력 2008-05-02 18:05 |최종수정2008-05-02 23:20

미용사 최모씨(25·여)는 2년 전 한 인터넷 광고를 접했다. 미국에서 월 소득 1000만원을 보장하는 미용실 일자리를 소개해준다는 솔깃한 내용이었다. 미국 비자가 없는 최씨는 브로커들이 일러주는 대로 관광객을 가장해 캐나다로 들어가 미국에 밀입국하는 데 성공했다. 그러나 국경을 넘자마자 최씨가 끌려간 곳은 현지 한인이 운영하는 성매매업소였다. 업소 주인은 “알선 브로커에게 몸값 1500만원을 선지급했다”면서 최씨를 방에 감금한 뒤 성매매를 강요했다. 최씨는 갖은 고생 끝에 반년 만에 성매매업소를 탈출, 한국으로 돌아왔지만 정신적인 충격으로 지금껏 병원 신세를 지고 있다.

This is not an isolated incident. I read similar Korean news every 3 month or so.


April 27, 2008

Olympic torch relay in seoul – Riot or liberation by Chinese Liberation Army?

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No Korean TVs is broadcasting Olympic torch relay live as if they were told by Chinese government not to air. This is South Korea, not North Korea. This is just unacceptable.

Well, South Korea has been “behaving well” (banning Dalai Lama from entering South Korea for example), so I guess it is about time ;-).


February 11, 2008

Oh MY.. Namdaemun gate is on fire… (pics)

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I’m watching the live on MBC (www.gnmbc.co.kr). Now it’s completely gone..

This is kinda shocking. FYI, the Namdaemun gate is literary the number 1 South Korean Treasure and simbol of seoul.

. (more…)

November 20, 2007

“Korean Created China and Japan”…

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On 16th, LA. Dr Hong Beom Rhee the author of “Asian Millenarianism” gave a speech.

According to the article,

한국인은 미개해서 고대에는 중국의 속국으로 근대에는 일본의 식민지가 됐다\”는 일반적인 역사인식을 깨트리며 \”일본과 중국을 만든 민족은 바로 한국인이며, 고대 한국 문명이 아시아 문명의 모체가 됐다\

Contrasted with the common historical knowledge, which “Koreans were uncivilized and Korea used to be a vassal state of China and a colony of Japan”, “it was Koreans created Japan and China, and ancient Korean civilization was the origin of Asian civilizations”.

“韓国人は未開で古代には中国の属国で近代には日本の植民地になった”という一般的な歴史認識を破って “日本と中国を作った民族はまさに韓国人であり, 古代韓国文明がアジア文明の母体となった”

I’d really like to see the logic and proof to back up his theory.

From what I know, people living in the Korean peninsula spoke different languages and had different customs around 6th century. I wonder which people he’s talking about.

And he forgets about Mongols. Korea used to be under severe control from Mongols; worse than a vassal state. And his claim is based on “Korean Pure Blood” myth (and of course the “Dangun” myth). But, the fact is, Koreans today are pretty mongolianized…

Well, pretty soon, he’s gonna start saying Korean have 10000 years of history or whatever.


November 19, 2007

The object of worship: from Sinocentrism to Kim cult – surprisingly similar

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Japan PM: NKorea can’t ‘survive’ as independent, nuclear state

WASHINGTON (AFP) — Japanese Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda has warned that North Korea must renounce its nuclear weapons program if the Stalinist nation wants to “survive” as an independent state.

“Well, as an independent country, if it, North Korea, wishes to survive, then I think they need to give up their nuclear weapons and at the same time will think of their economic independence,” he said through an interpreter.

“And economically, since they have a regime that is totally different from our free regime and I don’t think you can call that an independent country, and the way they are, their country will sort of taper off and perhaps at the end of the day will disappear.”

Japan’s Prime Minister Fukuda Warns of Chinese Military Buildup

Fukuda said North Korea would have difficulty surviving as an independent country unless it gives up nuclear weapons and frees its economy.

“I don’t think they can really become truly independent with their current stance as a very closed, hermit country. The people will be very unhappy, miserable,” Fukuda said. “The way they are, their country will sort of taper off and perhaps at the end of the day will disappear.”

On March 16, 1885

In my view, China and Korea cannot survive as independent nations with the onslaught of modern civilization to the East if they keep the way they are. There is no doubt that ruins and divisions of countries are inevitable unless noble men of reform appear in these two countries and manage to reform the countries from top to down just like the Meiji Restoration. It is because locking self up in a closed room and shutting the air flow avoiding the wave of modern civilization, will only suffocate themselves.

Today’s North Korea is surprisingly similar to the pre-Japan era of Chosun Korea(Joseon Dynasty) in many ways…

This time, Japan will try to avoid being involved in Korea, so eventually, in the future, N Korea might be absorbed into Chinese empire again. Of course it could be S Korea, who knows. I really hope S Korea will absorb N Korea in the future. But the problem is that South Koreans today don’t like the idea of reunification.


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