What is this stake? or typical Korean persecution complex

OK, to tell you the truth, I feel like I’m in the “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” every time I learn new things about Korea.


According to the KBS(Korean Broadcasting System)2 news[news clip, Youtube, with Japanese subtitle], “Japan empire had set up stakes all over Korea in order to wipe out/liquidate our national/racial spirits. This time, we found wooden stakes for the first time, as well as steal and stone stakes. This reminded us how dreadful the Japan Empire’s desire to rule Korea. Japan used Feng shui invasion.. The specialist are now trying to remove those stakes.” … <interview> “Japan Empire used the nature with very evil purpose that is to prevent us from living here and great person won’t be born in this land. I’m terribly horrified.” … <reporter> “Those stakes have been found all over South Korea.” … <interview> “The fact that we found hundreds of stakes around the country means those stakes were set up with a careful planning and means as a kind of spiritual invasion.”

OK. GO SEE A DOCTOR NOW. What kind of Voodoo shit is that? It’s 21 century, not 19…

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