“Inside North Korea” to be broadcasted in South Korea

This is very good thing. Every single South Korean should watch it. “Inside North Korea” the National Geographic program will be broadcasted in South Korea June 1st 2007 10pm. I hope they don’t censor anything and show the whole thing. I watched it a few month ago, it’s good. I think it was already broadcasted in Japan a few weeks ago. You can watch a few clips on Youtube.

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“Right-Wing Distorted History Textbook” Best Seller? in South Korea

I already mentioned how Koreans attacked Japanese history textbooks without actually reading them [1, 2].

According to this article [Korean], it could be over…or not. A Japanese history textbook is now sold in South Korea. It’s Fusousya’s history textbook, the one Koreans were insanely mad about. (But the history book is used in less than 0.1% of Japanese schools) And it is sold successfully at bookstores in South Korea. Now they have an opportunity to read and judge themselves. Finally. At last. But too late…

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Wikipedia fiasco continues, part 2

As you know, many South Koreans go crazy about Wikipedia [1] if and only if “Japan” is the subject. And that attracts many interests from variety people. But no one seems to care about real subject related Korea. They do everything to bring down Japan and they do every thing to hide or do very little about the history of Korea.

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King Sejong invasion of Japan

Since no one seems to mention this… It’s called Oei Invasion in 1419 by King Sejong of Chosun era. It was after the Korean invasions of Japan in 1274 and 1281. And the latest invasion aggressiveness was the one-sided “war” on Dokdo/Takeshima capturing thousands of Japanese fishermen and some were killed. Now they’ve got a ship called Dokdo followed by

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