Moon Jae-in for the ROK president!

I enjoyed .. Actually a whole lot of Japanese laughed hell out of South Korean ex-president Roh Moo-hyun.

He was … well crazy and stupid for a South Korean president. He was natural-born comedian (aka an idiot). And we loved him. R.I.P.


Oh, above is a book on Roh Moo-hyun published in Japan and became bestseller.

And Moon Jae-in was his partner and the chief of staff or something, right?

That means, it’s a fun time again!!! yeah!

One thing is clear

Koreans can not solve their own problems as history has shown repeatedly.

Just look at South Koreans today… in this crisis, Koreans are practically non-existent. All they do is accusing each other and indulge in bashing Japan(falsely and unfairly) as always.

Koreans should learn from true history (not their own make-up fantasy). They had been slaves and puppets for the China empires for too long.

If a war broke out.


What are Japan’s options against North Korea?
By Yazhou Sun, CNN
Updated 0913 GMT (1713 HKT) April 21, 2017

However, Daniel Pinkston, a professor of International Relations at Troy University in Seoul, said it would be a total waste of North Korea’s military assets to attack Japan. “Pyongyang doesn’t care about killing Japanese civilians, especially since it would serve no military or political purpose,” Pinkston said.

Are you 100% sure?

Even after North Korea’s officials and media repeatedly threaten to attack Japan[1, 2]  (they said “sink Japan into the ocean”) and launch missiles into the US bases in Japan?




“You must hate the Japanese, ..”


“, the Americans, their puppets, and all our other enemies!”

– “Under the Sun (2016 documentary)

No nuclear, thank you


Japan’s Nuclear Moment

Geopolitical trends have combined to open a window of opportunity for Japan to become a nuclear state.

By Liubomir K. Topaloff
April 21, 2017

If Japan wanted to develop nuclear weapons, there would be no better moment than now to start. As the North Korean regime grows desperate to get a more generous ransom against its nuclear program, the threat it poses to Tokyo is multiplying. Last week Shinzo Abe, the Japanese prime minister, warned that North Korea is preparing the capability to launch missiles carrying the chemical weapon sarin against Tokyo.

It’s true that Japanese society is largely against nuclear weapons, not only because of the fact that Japan is the only country to have suffered a nuclear attack, but also due to the general isolationist and pacifist political identity of the majority of Japanese.


Today, perhaps for a first time since the end of the World War II, such a window of opportunity has opened in front of Japan and has offered Tokyo the chance to take the matter of its national security into its own hands.

Thanks, but no. Japan do not want to develop nuclear weapons.

End of discussion.

Don’t even make “Nuclear armed Japan” a diplomatic “card” to play with.

I mean..

  1. Japanese (probably 99%) won’t even think about going nuclear as long as Japan-US alliance exists and works. (In other words, it might be a beginning of the end of the Japan-USA alliance)
  2. Japanese know “Japan’s going nuclear” will do more harm than good for the regional stability and security.
  3. Japanese constitution prohibits it (can’t even have an army!) and it is super difficult to change it.
  4. No Japanese (including politicians and media outlets) are talking about it.
  5. Before even consider having nuclear weapons, Japan should change its constitution to have its army to protect itself (it’s very difficult, like I mentioned above).


Xi teaches Trump: Korea actually used to be a part of China.


[Xi] then went into the history of China and Korea. Not North Korea, Korea. And you know, you’re talking about thousands of years …and many wars. And Korea actually used to be a part of China.

Haha. So true. Well, more accurately, Korea had been a vassal state of China empire. (Like I explained here) If not, how do you explain the historical evidences such as  Yeongeunmun and Independence Gate in Korea? There are whole lot more evidences.

Of course, Koreans or Korean descends deny it. It is a taboo for Koreans. But history is history and the fact is the fact.

Korean kid “arrested” for putting Japanese flag on the statue

A poor kid.

This teenage college student put a Japanese flag on the  “Comfort women statue” and someone called the police. And the boy was taken away to the police station by the police…

He said “I don’t like the (political) situation of South Korea, I want to be a Japanese, I like Japan”

What he has done might be immature but South Korean society is messed up.

“일본인이 되고 싶다. 일본을 좋아한다”

대전시청 보라매공원에 세워진 평화의 소녀상에 일장기와 욱일기를 꽂은 10대가 경찰에 붙잡혀 조사를 받고 있다.

이 사건을 수사 중인 대전 둔산경찰서에 따르면 6일 오후 4시 52분쯤 대전시 서구 둔산동 보라매공원에 있는 평화의 소녀상 무릎과 손 등 사이에 일장기가 꽂혀 있는 것을 인근을 지나는 시민이 발견해 112에 신고했다.

신고를 받고 출동한 경찰은 현장에서 서성이는 A(19)군의 가방에서 일장기와 욱일기를 발견했다.

A군은 신고를 받은 경찰이 현장에 도착하기 직전 평화의 소녀상에 꽂아놓았던 일장기와 욱일기를 회수한 것으로 확인됐다.

경찰은 A군을 경찰서로 임의 동행했다.

경찰에서 A군은 “나는 그냥 한국이 싫다. 일본인이 되고 싶다. 일본을 좋아한다. 관심을 끌고 싶다”며 순순히 관련 사실을 인정한 것으로 확인됐다.


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North Korea missile launch was training exercise to strike US bases in Japan

For the first time, NK officially admits..

N.Korea calls 4 missile test-launches success

The North’s official Korean Central News Agency said on Tuesday that artillery units tasked with striking US bases in Japan fired 4 ballistic missiles simultaneously under the watch of the country’s leader Kim Jong Un.

OK.. North Korea seems like they want to start a war against Japan.

Not surprising.

Stop fucking around and just reunite with South.

Just do it without outside interference(aka HELP) once in your history…Korean people!

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