Racism in Japan?

Crystal Kay

Crystal Kay was born to an African American father (a bassist from New Jersey) and a third-generation Zainichi (person of Korean descent born in Japan) mother who was a professional singer.

She is well known singer in Japan. But, she said she had terrible experiences in Korea when interviewed.

Angela Aki

Another good singer.

uhh.. What was I talking about? 😉

Oh, this one is pretty nice.

trivia: a term “mix-blood” is banned as well as monkey(Japanese) in some Korean websites.

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Another “mixed-race children are not Koreans”

When a Korean gets angry with a Korean

Group of Koreans caught sneaking into the country

Group of Koreans caught sneaking into the country – Mainichi Daily news April 28, 2007

FUKUOKA — Eight people were arrested here Saturday in connection with a group of people believed to be South Koreans suspected of trying to enter the country illegally, police said.

This is actually the second time this month alone in FUKUOKA.

福岡の漁港に密航者10人? – Mainichi Daily news April 19, 2007

What’s going on in South Korea? Are 친일파 all safe over there?

Zainichi North Koreans scare me

Zainichi Koreans are either South or North Korean nationals who have special rights to stay in Japan. Most Zainichi Koreans were Korean war refuges or immigrants who came to Japan looking for better jobs.

A few days ago, Japanese authorities have raided the offices of Chongryon.
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I saw all the North Korean residents shouted “Get out of here! Get out of here! Human rights! Human rights!”

I wonder how they think about the human rights in North Korea.

You wanna know what kind of people we are talking about?


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