Korean kid “arrested” for putting Japanese flag on the statue

A poor kid.

This teenage college student put a Japanese flag on the  “Comfort women statue” and someone called the police. And the boy was taken away to the police station by the police…

He said “I don’t like the (political) situation of South Korea, I want to be a Japanese, I like Japan”

What he has done might be immature but South Korean society is messed up.

“일본인이 되고 싶다. 일본을 좋아한다”

대전시청 보라매공원에 세워진 평화의 소녀상에 일장기와 욱일기를 꽂은 10대가 경찰에 붙잡혀 조사를 받고 있다.

이 사건을 수사 중인 대전 둔산경찰서에 따르면 6일 오후 4시 52분쯤 대전시 서구 둔산동 보라매공원에 있는 평화의 소녀상 무릎과 손 등 사이에 일장기가 꽂혀 있는 것을 인근을 지나는 시민이 발견해 112에 신고했다.

신고를 받고 출동한 경찰은 현장에서 서성이는 A(19)군의 가방에서 일장기와 욱일기를 발견했다.

A군은 신고를 받은 경찰이 현장에 도착하기 직전 평화의 소녀상에 꽂아놓았던 일장기와 욱일기를 회수한 것으로 확인됐다.

경찰은 A군을 경찰서로 임의 동행했다.

경찰에서 A군은 “나는 그냥 한국이 싫다. 일본인이 되고 싶다. 일본을 좋아한다. 관심을 끌고 싶다”며 순순히 관련 사실을 인정한 것으로 확인됐다.


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North Korea missile launch was training exercise to strike US bases in Japan

For the first time, NK officially admits..

N.Korea calls 4 missile test-launches success

The North’s official Korean Central News Agency said on Tuesday that artillery units tasked with striking US bases in Japan fired 4 ballistic missiles simultaneously under the watch of the country’s leader Kim Jong Un.

OK.. North Korea seems like they want to start a war against Japan.

Not surprising.

Stop fucking around and just reunite with South.

Just do it without outside interference(aka HELP) once in your history…Korean people!

Continue reading “North Korea missile launch was training exercise to strike US bases in Japan”

The witch-hunt continues…


Pro-Japanese Roots Haunt South Korean Actor Kang Dong-won

Popular South Korean actor Kang Dong-won is under fire for an ancestor he has never met, about whom he talked about in passing in an interview ten years ago.

In a 2007 interview with Chosun Ilbo, Kang boasted that his maternal great-grandfather, Lee Jong-man, had been a “great person.” Kang’s interview wasn’t problematic until this year, when reports began to surface that Lee wasn’t so great after all, ironically around the Mar. 1 holiday that commemorates Korea’s anti-Japanese independence movement in 1919.

A report by Dispatch, a celebrity news outlet, brought to public attention that Lee was in fact a prosperous businessman whose activities included sending care packages to Japanese soldiers in the 1930s, when Korea was a Japanese colony. Also a politician, Lee collaborated with the occupying Japanese governing body. In 2009 Lee was listed in the Biological Dictionary of Pro-Japanese Collaborators (chinil inmyeong sajeon), as a Japanese sympathizer and collaborator.



Like I said….

Not healthy society… no no

They can not enforce the law either. Not good.

and freedom of speech and academic is limited on the issue..

oh South Korea… where are you going..



In Contemporary South Korea, Sins of Grandfathers Are Still Sins of Children
Moon Jae-in declares purging of pro-Japanese parasites


Wow, very rare comfort women real documentry

for the US army….

‘Comfort women’ in South Korea who serviced U.S. forces seek justice

MAR 4, 2017

On Jan. 20, the Seoul Central District Court partially affirmed the claims of Korean women who had been sex workers in “camp towns” adjacent to U.S. military bases in the 1960s and ’70s. The New York Times called it a “landmark ruling” because it was the first official acknowledgement that the legal rights of the women who supplied sexual services to U.S. base personnel were violated.

The court pointedly referred to the plaintiffs as “comfort women,” drawing a parallel with Japan’s more notorious system of wartime sexual servitude. In their lawsuit, the plaintiffs argued it was hypocritical of the state to provide comfort women for U.S. soldiers while excoriating Japan for its corresponding system.

“The army simply cannot and does not control what the civilian community makes available through its establishments near the army base installations…”
“The United State government has always formally declined and has formally prohibited the American service personal from frequenting prostitution or public association with prostitutes. That’s the official policy. The unofficial policy was simply look the other way while it goes on.
“the army base prostitution was under special control by the South Korean government (and the US army)”

HaHAHA, hypocrites.

Now, the US really need to “apologize” to Japan for unfair accusations ..



Soon after the Korean War broke out in 1950, brothels for Korean Army and UN Army were established and many comfort women were recruited. The brothels were operated by the Government of Korea or the Korian Army. The brothels were closed in 1954, after the cease-fire of the Korean War. However, the comofort women remained around the military bases because the American Army continued to stay in the South Korea after the cease-fire agreement.

The girls were called as comfort women or yang-gong-ju (western princess). The term of comfort women (慰安婦) were used in newspapers while yang-gong-ju is used as a disparaging word against them.

19610914un The left figure shows the article on September 14, 1961 in a Korean newspaper – The Dong-a Ilbo. As can be seen, the term of comfort woman (慰安婦) is used.

The article explains that Seoul Police began to accept the registration of comfort woman for UN and the number of comfort women for UN soldiers in Seoul is estimated at 819.

From this article, it is clear that Korea knew that a comfort woman meant a prostitute. If they considered that a comfort woman is a sex slave, they must have not used the term for girls who provide sex services to UN soldires.


122 Korean women who worked in the “base village” near the base camp of US Army as prostitutes after the Korea War, brought a class action lawsuit in the Seoul Central District Court on 25th June, 2014, seeking to the national compensation for the violation of human rights under the strict control as comfort women for US Army by the Government of Korea.

It is said that the Government of Korea involved in prostitutions by forcing diagnosis of sexually transmitted diseases to the comfort women for US Army.

According to an official document revealed by a member of the Parliament of Korea in November 2013, there were 62 base villages with 9,935 comfort women for US Army.



[more on this]




The illegal Comfort Women statue in Busan


City of Busan once try to remove the statue because it it illegal to install an object on the street, but pro-North Korea activist resisted. (And of course it is against the Japanese-South Korea Agreement and the 1961 Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations and 1963 Vienna Convention on Consular Relations )



The city failed.

Since then, the statue has been there illegally.

It is above the law. City can’t enforce the Law. It’s a”mob rule”

A few days ago, some guys put garbage around the statue.




City of Busan, now refuse to(can’t) remove the trash because, if they do, they would have to remove the statue as well.



And the comments of the article, is like “traitor! do your job”, “fire them!” to the city men.

Cult… stupid.. funny..idiots .. anarchy … mobocracy

소녀상 옆에 선 ‘쓰레기상’…또 손 놓은 부산 동구청


부산 일본 영사관 앞에 있는 평화의 소녀상이 또 수난을 당하고 있습니다. 얼마 전까지 철거를 주장하는 한 남성이 유인물을 곳곳에 붙이더니 이번엔 소녀상을 흉내 낸 쓰레기 더미를 옆에 쌓았습니다. 관할 구청은 이번에도 손 놓고 있습니다.

구석찬 기자입니다.


부산 초량동 일본 영사관 앞 평화의 소녀상 주변으로 흉측한 쓰레기 더미가 널렸습니다.

공공시설물인 전신주와 가로등 위까지 점령했습니다.

특히 때 묻은 의자 위에 고장난 선풍기를 꽁꽁 묶어 놓은 이 쓰레기는 마치 소녀상을 본 딴 듯한 형상입니다.

두달 전부터 소녀상 반대와 함께 박근혜 대통령 탄핵무효가 적힌 불법 유인물을 붙여대던 30대 남성이 벌인 짓입니다.

보다 못한 시민들이 쓰레기를 치워달라고 꾸준히 민원을 제기해 왔지만, 관할구청은 오히려 소녀상 때문에 생기는 일이라며 책임을 돌리고 있습니다.

[부산 동구청 관계자 : 소녀상은 그냥 무단으로 점유했다 아닙니까? 소녀상 설치도 저희들이 묵인하고 있지 않습니까?]

아직 소녀상 관련 조례가 없어 도로법 위반 상태인 만큼 반대 조형물만 단속하면 형평성 문제가 생긴다는 겁니다.

결국 CCTV를 설치해 소녀상을 관리하고 이전이나 철거도 하지 않겠다던 부산 동구청의 다짐은 실천의지가 없는 빈 말이었다는 비판이 나옵니다.


Moon Jae-in declares purging of pro-Japanese parasites

Oh yeah. The witch-hunt in 10 years ago all over again.

Moon Jae-in who is the leading presidential contenders with 32% of support is said to be a leftist pro-North Korea. And he is becoming the president of South Korea.


文 “반드시 친일청산” 安 “이승만도 대한민국”
2017-03-01 21:52

Moon Jae-in “Be sure to liquidate pro-Japanese”,  Ahn Hee-jung “Rhee Seungman also Korea”

야권 대선주자들은 제98주년 3·1절을 맞아 친일 청산과 임시정부 계승 등을 한목소리로 강조하며 애국행보를 벌였다.

The presidential candidates of the opposition held their patriotic rally emphasizing the liquidation of the pro-Japanese and succession of the interim government in the 98th anniversary of the March 31st.


더불어민주당 문재인 전 대표는 1일 “친일청산, 100년을 넘길 수 없다. 청산하지 못한 친일세력이 독재세력으로 이어지고 민주공화국을 숙주로 삼아왔다”고 친일 청산 의지를 분명히 했다.

In addition, former Democratic Party chairman Moon Jae-in said on January 1, “We can not exceed 100 years. The pro-Japanese forces that have not been liquidated have led to dictatorship and have made the Democratic Republic a host.


문 전 대표는 “나라다운 나라라면 공동체를 배반하고 억압한 세력을 벌해야 한다”고도 강조했다.

Moon emphasized, “If the country is a country, we should punish the repressive forces that betray the community.”


He obviously did not get the friendly advice from the US.

Wendy Sherman, US undersecretary of state for political affairs, told a conference on Friday that “Of course . . . it is not hard for a political leader anywhere to earn cheap applause by vilifying a former enemy,” she added, after pointing to various disagreements that relate to Japan’s colonial past. “But such provocations produce paralysis, not progress.

MARCH 2, 2015

Lee Jae-myung, another presidential candidate, says

“We are facing a diplomatic and security crisis because of incompetent and irresponsible pro-Japanese, dictatorial, and corrupt forces, and the vices of inequality and unfairness are thwarting opportunities for all South Koreans,” Lee declared.

As if, all of the troubles South Korea face today is pro-Japanese forces’ fault…


I’m 100% sure South Korea will end up calling (labeling) each other “pro-Japanese traitor!” and “pro-North commies!” and mess their country up. Idiots! This is just a politically motivated witch-hunt for gaining popularity. It’s a political poison that destroys not only destroys a target but everyone in the country.

And crazy thing is that, about 99% of the comments of the article are in favor of Moon and purging of pro-Japanese. But they even don’t know what “liquidation pro-Japanese”really means and who and who really qualify as “pro-Japanese”. If you defend Japan’s position, you get punished??  Scary.

South Koreans are saying the impeachment of the president Park and candle demonstrations are great REVOLUTION, but it reminds me of the Chinese Communist party’s Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution which was the most disastar for China ever done.

South Korea .. GROW UP

Dividing camps and taking side is not politics. Moo Jae-in, the frontrunner in the polls, wants to inherit Roh Moo-hyun’s spirit and follow his path. He has said, We have to start a revolution if impeachment fails” and wants to end “pro-Japanese, dictatorial vices.” His language could get too rough and divide the nation. Even if he could become president, his presidency may fail. Who cannot be sure that Moon Jae-in’s supporters would clash with his opponents trying to bring him down in Gwanghwamun Square a year later? Then, Korea would have no future.


Oh! by the way, do I get to see the spree of Anti-America and Anti-Japan riots[1],[2],[3] all over again too?  🙂