It’s a riot….

I’m watching a live footage of a riot in South Korea right now. It’s 2 :10 am.


Oh boy… Someone must be getting hurt.

It looks to me people are intentionally provoking the police and having fun. But, in the end, they will accuse the use of excessive force by police or whatever. I’m sure they(rioters) will try to victimize themselves. In a way, that became a “Korean way”.


WOW. It’s 2:33. The streaming has been shut down right after I saw an ambulance! Both of the links are now dead. That was weird…


2:50 am The first link is up again. Seems like a news reporter (women) got hurt. Detail unknown. <- This turned out to be one of the many false rumors.

Democracy Dying in South Korea

Huh? I think South Korean just don’t understand what “democracy” is all about. MANY South Koreans says democracy is demonstration. Stupid. Violent demonstration and riot are nothing to do with democracy.

This is not about US beef. This is more complex. I think pro-north leftist is behind all this, but the problem lies within the people who are easily manipulated by propaganda. I hate to say it, but South Koreans tend to become irrational as I mentioned before.


South Korea to revise distorted history school textbook. again..

South Korea to revise distorted history school textbook. again.. (South Korea has been revising history textbooks almost every year) But, this time, it’s going in the better direction.

Unlike Japanese school textbooks, the Korean history textbook has been written by its government. So there is only one propaganda like government-made history book in South Korea. The South Korean textbook is full of distortion and anti-everything ideologies. (eg. Anti-Capitalism, Anti-America, Anti-Japan)

To hide this fact, Korean governments has been busy attacking Japanese for distorting its textbook. But this time, with new leader Lee Myung-bak, South Korea is going to fix Korean textbook instead of attacking other books.

This is a good thing. However.. South Korean government is known to use/fuel nationalism for distracting from the domestic problems. Roh Moo-hyeon was notorious for his demagogy. Now Lee Myung-bak faces whole lot of problems and approval rating is going down from 70% to 20% in a short period of time. Given some excuse, he might as well start fueling ugly nationalism and use anti-something tactics anytime. But I’m really hoping he is much smarter than previous Korean presidents.

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Obama attacks South Korea and Japan

Obama’s ‘Beef’ With U.S. Trade Policies

Speaking to a crowd of farmers in a barn, Barack Obama cited the Japanese not selling American beef as an example of how current trade policies have hurt rural communities.

You can’t get American beef into Japan (and South Korea)…even though we have the highest safety standards. They don’t want the competition,” he said in response to a question about trade and manufacturing jobs moving to China.


Obama also cited the small number of American cars sold in Korea versus the booming sales of Korean models in America.

Here is another report.

Obama Demands Japan, South Korea Open Beef Markets, Kyodo Says

By Finbarr Flynn

May 17 (Bloomberg) — Barack Obama, Democratic U.S. presidential candidate, told voters in South Dakota yesterday that Japan and South Korea must fully open their markets to U.S. beef, Kyodo News said.

Obama told a town hall meeting in the state the two countries are blocking beef imports from the U.S. because they don’t want tougher competition from U.S. producers, Kyodo News reported from Washington, citing the candidate. The U.S. needs to take a tougher stance in trade negotiations to ensure that other countries open their markets, Obama was quoted as saying.

Japan and South Korea limit imports of U.S. beef since the discovery of mad cow disease in the U.S. South Korea decided to relax rules on the import of U.S. beef last month.

In July 2006, Japan resumed importing U.S. beef, limiting shipments to meat from cattle aged 20 months or younger. The U.S. is urging Japan to remove all barriers to U.S. beef imports. Japan is considering increasing the age limit to 30 months, Kyodo reported.

First of all, currently Japan is not banning the US beef. You can buy and eat the US beef anywhere in Japan. Just visit a Yoshinoya around the corner. And the South Korea has just decided to fully open the beef market although it caused a panic in South Korea.

I don’t mind eating US beef. In fact, I’ve been eating a lot of US beef in the past and present. But I don’t think the US has the highest safety standards. If you google it, Japan has the highest safety standards and EU comes next.

The car imports of Korea is a different thing. South Korea needs to open up its car market for sure. But, the US needs to produce better, cheaper cars before demanding other country to buy US cars.

He keeps disappointing me. See Obama on Japanese history issue. I just don’t like ignorance and lies.

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Korean education leads to mass hysteria and ochlocracy

Anyone who are reading Korean newspapers must have already known that whole lot of Koreans going crazy over beef.

South Korean internet geeks trigger panic over US ‘tainted beef’ imports Times

They May Already Have vCJD Korea Times

A short clip

I hear a lots of insane rumors from Koreans.

The spread of groundless rumors and exaggerated facts through Web portals has amplified public angst over controversial issues.

Many of the groundless scare stories successfully make a provocative emotional appeal to Web users, often putting a heavy burden on the new administration. Given the political hue of these stories, some have raised questions over who have instigated such scares in the first place.

Scare Stories Online Take Toll on People The Dong-A ilbo

Newspapers did not help. Some Korean media reported mad cow disease was as contagious as AIDS.

I’m browsing through the Korean web right now and It’s a chaos and full of demagogues.

The last time I saw this kind of candlelight rallies was when worshipers of Hwang Woo-Suk demanded he should continue his work even though his work had been proven to be fake.

Again, it seems Koreans just stopped thinking all of sudden. However, this is NOT surprising for me at all.

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Was Kim Gu a psycho? – Answer to Ms Kim

Who was Kim Gu? I think he was just a psycho.

are you kidding?
“I think Kim Gu was just a psycho..”
on what ground is he a psycho?

“Kim Gu proudly wrote in his autobiography that he killed an innocent man and drunk the blood and painted his face with the fresh blood…:
Paekpom Ilchi: The Autobiography of Kim Ku at”

on which page did he write in the book about him killng innocent man proudly?
have ever had chance to read his book?

Comment by Minjung Kim

On which page did he write in the book about him killing innocent man proudly, you ask?

Kim Gu killed an innocent Japanese man

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Today’s “Comfort women” or prostitutes

50 South Koreans were busted for exporting(aka “Human trafficking“) Korean women(aka “Sex slaves“) . At least 2000 Korean women have been sold to Canada and the US.


한국여성 2000여명 美에 팔아 넘긴 조직 50명 적발

기사입력 2008-05-02 18:05 |최종수정2008-05-02 23:20

미용사 최모씨(25·여)는 2년 전 한 인터넷 광고를 접했다. 미국에서 월 소득 1000만원을 보장하는 미용실 일자리를 소개해준다는 솔깃한 내용이었다. 미국 비자가 없는 최씨는 브로커들이 일러주는 대로 관광객을 가장해 캐나다로 들어가 미국에 밀입국하는 데 성공했다. 그러나 국경을 넘자마자 최씨가 끌려간 곳은 현지 한인이 운영하는 성매매업소였다. 업소 주인은 “알선 브로커에게 몸값 1500만원을 선지급했다”면서 최씨를 방에 감금한 뒤 성매매를 강요했다. 최씨는 갖은 고생 끝에 반년 만에 성매매업소를 탈출, 한국으로 돌아왔지만 정신적인 충격으로 지금껏 병원 신세를 지고 있다.

This is not an isolated incident. I read similar Korean news every 3 month or so.

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