Vietnamese Students in South Korea Raise Issues On Wartime Atrocities Committed by Korean Army Calling For Gov’t Support.

Vietnamese students in South Korea raised voices after the South Korean president Moon’s remarks of honoring Korean Army in Vietnam war.

Korean’s are condemning Japanese for wrong doings all around world and creating “symbol of hatred” everywhere while ignoring wartime massacre and women suffering from Korean army.  This is such hypocrisy.

28일 서울 세종로 정부서울청사 앞에서 열린 ‘한·베트남 역사 문제 해결을 촉구하는 기자회견’에서 베트남인 유학생 도 응옥 루옌(가운데)이 두 나라 관계 개선을 호소하고 있다. 김창길 기자 원문보기:


Koreans Whitewashing Atrocities in Vietnam War

Korean Army Comfort Women in Vietnam

Korean “Sex Slaves” for the US Soldiers

South Korean government has not yet acknowledge nor apologized any of above. You can Watch the videos of victims of Korean Army.


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Koreans Whitewashing Atrocities in Vietnam War

South Koreans are notorious for condemning other countries while ignoring own wrong doings. In fact, South Korea has never apologized nor paid any compensations to Vietnamese victims while Koreans are asking apologies and compensations from Japan for Japan’s annexation every month or so.

Now, Vietnam is starting to criticize South Korea…naturally.

Vietnam criticizes Korean leader for honoring war veterans   – The Korea Times 2017-06-13

President Moon Jae-in’s recent remarks on South Korean soldiers who participated in the 1960-75 Vietnam War are fueling anti-Korean sentiment in the Southeast Asian country.

In a speech to mark the June 6 Memorial Day, Moon lauded the soldiers who fought in Vietnam for their contributions to economic growth in the 1960s and 70s.

“The soldiers resolutely answered the call of the Republic of Korea. In the middle of the jungle and under sweltering heat, they carried out their duties faithfully. That’s true patriotism,” Moon said. “Their sacrifice laid the foundation for the country’s economic growth.”

Moon spoke about the soldiers apparently to urge people to remember fallen national heroes. However, this angered many Vietnamese, who contend Korean soldiers massacred thousands of civilians during the war.

“We ask the Korean government not to talk or behave in a way that hurts the feelings of the Vietnamese people and has a negative influence on the two countries’ friendship and cooperation,” Vietnamese Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokeswomen Le Thi Thu Hang said in a press release, Monday.

The ministry has lodged a complaint with the Korean Embassy in Vietnam regarding Moon’s speech, the press release reads.

This is the Vietnamese government’s “first-ever official warning” against Seoul regarding its alleged wartime massacres, Ku Su-jeong, an activist who has long dealt with the issue, told The Korea Times.

“I’ve heard low-key messages from Vietnam through unofficial routes, but have never seen a message like this,” she said.

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Korean Army Comfort Women in Vietnam

Not only South Korea has a history of having “Comfort Women” for the UN army in South Korea after the Korean war, South Korea Army used Comfort Women in Vietnam during the Vietnam war.


The ROK Army Used Vietnamese Comfort Women

This is the text of a scoop article written by  the Washington Bureau Chief of TBS Television (at the time), which was published in the Shukan Bunshun Magazine dated April 2, 2015.

This is based on the original version which I received from the author directly, so it may be slightly different from what was actually published after editing.

This is true history revealed by Mr. Yamaguchi’s painstaking research. These are facts recorded in official documents of the United States government. It also includes detailed accounts by people who have direct knowledge of the situation at the time.

In addition, the Korean Hankyoreh newspaper recognized “This is vexing, but difficult to refute.”

However, this event is being ignored in its entirety by The Chosun Ilbo and JoongAng Ilbo newspapers in Korea, as well as by the Korean government. Have any of the Japanese media aside from Bunshun and the Sankei group covered this scoop? Come to think of it, this should be included in the McGraw-Hill history textbooks in the U.S.!


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“Comfort Women of the Empire” by Professor Park Yu-ha in ENGLISH

Well, the title is misleading.. Sorry, it’s just a summary. But, anyone who is interested in the issue should read her book. I’m not saying she is 100% right though.

“Comfort Women of the Empire” by Park Yu-ha 朴裕河

The following is a summary English translation of a book titled “Comfort Women of the Empire” by Professor Park Yuha of Sejong University in South Korea.

The original book in Korean was banned in South Korea, but it has been published in Japan:

By the way, you may wonder; “Wait, isn’t South Korea a free democratic country?”

Freedom House ranks South Korea as:


I explained about it before – “South Korea’s Limited Freedom of Speech and Five Laws

She also talks about the South Korean politics and “decades of brainwashing by successive governments.”

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81.9% of Japanese oppose re-negotiation

South Korean new president Moon once promised he would “discard the agreement” in his campaign. Later, he retracted his previous statement saying he would “renegotiate the agreement”.

The issue was supposed be settled “finally and irreversibly” in the agreement.

The recent poll showed(in Japanese) that 76.4% of Japanese think the new South Korean Moon administration might not comply with the agreement. And 81.9% of Japanese support Japanese Abe administration’s stance of not to reopen the deal.

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Korean “Sex Slaves” for the US Soldiers

On June 25, 2014, 122 women sued the Korean government, claiming that they were forced to engage in sexual intercourse for money for members of the United States military who were stationed in Korea after the Korean War cease-fire in 1957. (*2)

Those “sex slaves” said they were forced by the South Korean government to be “sex slaves” for the US soldiers and deceived by the Korean dealers and sold by the Koreans and enslaved by Korean brothel owners.

Sounds familiar?

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