How to deal with Korea


What South Korea has isn’t “anti-Japan sentiment”.

South Korea is surely taking advantage of “anti-Japanism” or “Japan-bashing” phenomenon existed in the Western countries. But it’s got totally different origin. The most western media and scholars jumps to the easiest explanation; “It must be the Japanese colonial rule”. But, no. South Korea is just using it as an excuse. It’s deep and complex.

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Korean Speaks(lies) About Japanese Democracy

I don’t know why so many Koreans are shamelessly propagate lots of lies…. almost every Koreans speaks about something… something(especially about Japan) they know nothing about.

Oh, I just remembered …. “Korea is a country of liars” (Not me! Korean newspaper said that. Well, lots of people say that too…yeah, I said that too.. lol). But many foreign people blindly believe…

Oh, I remembered why … in the Confucianism culture such as Korea and China, it is honorable thing to tell a lie to others in order to defend family or “uri (our)”. However …. Koreans and Chinese are not standard of the World. Japanese (and the rest of the world) consider a liar as a despicable person.

Anyway, here is an example from Youtube.

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Korean narrative of history

For today’s Koreans, the history of Korea MUST be 5000 years of glory and Koreans believe Koreans are superior race.

Therefore, Koreans try to distort the history and force their own interpretation of history to other countries. They say “Korea was forced to become Japan” and “Japan enslaved Koreans”. “It’s all Japan’s fault. I was right, I was great. We fought against it…”

But, Koreans never admit it was Japan helped the independence. Koreans never admit many Koreans wanted the annexation. Koreans never admit they were saved by Japan. Koreans never admit Japan was praised by foreign countries at the time.

Similarly, Koreans never admit Korea was a vassal state of China. Koreans never admit Korean Kings served Chinese emperors. Koreans never admit Korea was “parody” of China.

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81.9% of Japanese oppose re-negotiation

South Korean new president Moon once promised he would “discard the agreement” in his campaign. Later, he retracted his previous statement saying he would “renegotiate the agreement”.

The issue was supposed be settled “finally and irreversibly” in the agreement.

The recent poll showed(in Japanese) that 76.4% of Japanese think the new South Korean Moon administration might not comply with the agreement. And 81.9% of Japanese support Japanese Abe administration’s stance of not to reopen the deal.

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