Datsu-A Ron

“Datsu-A Ron” is an unsigned editorial of a newspaper called “時事新報” published in March 16, 1885.

Note: The newspaper was founded by Fukuzawa Yukichi who

  1. founded Keio University.
  2. invited many(about 50) Korean students from Chosun/Korea later known as 개화파(modernization/independence party) such as Kim Okgyun, and 박영효 .
  3. helped 개화파 publishing the first modern newspaper called 漢城旬報 in Korea in 1883.
  4. helped the development of the modern educational system in Korea using Hanja-Hangul for the first time in the Korean history.
  5. taught 井上角五郎(Kakugorou Inoue) and sent him to Korea, along with other students, who created the Hangul font in Japan and used it in Korean newspaper called 漢城周報 in 1886 for the first time in the Korean history.
  6. felt desperate when he heard his students(개화파) failed in Gapsinjeongbyeon incident and many of 개화파 were slaughtered.

Here is the part 1

Here is the part 2

The original text is found here . My translation is based on the text found here . This contents are base on this paper [Japanese]. A Chinese translation of Datsu-A Ron by 林思云译 can be found here.

About the Sinocentrism/사대주의(事大主義)/Flunkeyism, read this post.

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