Diggin’ own grave: Rep. Mike Honda

U.S. lawmaker wants probe of postwar brothels – The Japan Times

WASHINGTON (AP) A U.S. lawmaker said Thursday he wants a closer look at reports that American authorities allowed the operation of an official brothel system for soldiers occupying Japan in the aftermath of World War II.


Honda rejected comparisons between the actions of the Japanese during the war and the Occupation forces. He said the Japanese “comfort women” system was set up and sanctioned by the Japanese government and military.

“It’s different,” he said. “This is the military of the Imperial government, the Imperial military’s policy, in capturing, coercing and kidnapping girls and women for the purpose of sexual slavery.”


I think Rep. Mike Honda now deserves to be called an “useful idiot“. I might as well call him a “hypocrite”.

Rep. Mike Honda immediately “rejected comparisons…” and ” said “It’s different,” without verifying the fact. If he did not know about it and asked the Congressional Research Service to take a look into it, he should have, at least, waited before saying such things. And he turns a blind eye on China’s human rights violations.

I remember Rep. Mike Honda said, when he was interviewed by a Japanese TV, something like “Comfort Women were forced by Japanese government and the military because victims are saying so, and Japanese government apologized. Therefore, Japanese government must officially apologize.”


Japanese government has never admitted that the Imperial military’s policy forced those women.

[update] Here is the clip of the interview

Rep. Mike Honda should have checked historical facts and popularity of perjury in South Korea before claiming something about Korea.

My question: When will Rep. Mike Honda demand official apologies from Mr. Bush? When will Rep. Mike Honda apologize to Japan and Japanese people? 🙂

My thoughts: It seems to me someone is trying to ruin the Japan-U.S relation. North Korea? China maybe? Seriously though, I don’t wanna make any more fuss over this issue because that is exactly what they want; to distract attention from current urgent issues such as DPRK’s nukes and human rights violations in China and North Korea.

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3 thoughts on “Diggin’ own grave: Rep. Mike Honda

  1. I think YOU should check the historical facts before dismissing Honda’s stance. Perhaps the reason you are questioning the historical facts is the very cause of your questioning: Japanese have failed to educate its public through history textbooks and such, about the heinous acts committed by the Japanese government and army during the WWII era. Ignorance should never be an excuse for dismissing facts. And you referencing the article about perjury in S. Korea is irrelevant since the people who have attested to the crimes are not only Korean, but Chinese, Australian, etc. Do your research and think about the issues before jumping groundless assumptions.

  2. I wonder if you even know what Mike Honda means by Japanese government should “officially” apologize to South Korean sexual victims. The Japanese government has been insisting that South Korean Women who were kidnapped and raped more than 30 times every day and had to abort in order to survive-the ones who were pregnant got killed-was not pushed to do it, but the women did it voluntarily. How ridiculous is that excuse. The Japanese government never admitted their fault nor actually apologize to South Korea. They stretch the truth and teach their students in school the wrong facts. By teaching the descendants the lies, one day in the future the lie will be the truth and the “real truth” will be dissapear. What South Korea want is a sincere offical apolozige from Japan, and forgive them. It is pretty tough to forgive someone when he or she doesn’t even bother to apologize.

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