Korean “racism” against Japanese

The attitude of many South Koreans to Japan today, combing admiration, envy, hatred, and arrogance qualifies as racism against Japanese… not just a “Japanophobia” or “Pro-Japanese scare”

Any objection?

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The reason why Koreans Call the Emperor of Japan as “King of Japan”


Little known to the world, South Korea’s media outlets all call “Emperor of Japan (천황 天皇)” as “King of Japan (일왕 日王)”. Only Korea in the world uses “King of Japan”.

Didn’t know? Right. When you read news from Korea, English translators kindly “translate” the Korean word to “Emperor” for you. That’s why you don’t notice.

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Yet another Uriginal – Soy source

First of all, since the wikipedia article for Uriginal has been deleted permanently, I have to define what Uriginal is.

Uriginal is mintage of Korea ” Uri(Korean) + original “

Korean believes that it is uriginal. But it isn’t always “true”.

Soccer is uriginal.
Manga is Uriginal.
Karate is uriginal.
Kendo is uriginal.
Samurai is uriginal.

Urban Dictionary : Uriginal

For example, long before Sushi became popular world wide, Koreans used to make a fool of eating raw fish. However, once Sushi became “Cool”, they started claim Sushi originates from Korea.

美식당가, 日정부 ‘일식’ 인증추진에 코웃음

그는 “스시와 사시미는 원래 중국과 한국에서 유래했기 때문에” 일본은 스시가 자기들의 음식문화라고 주장할 권리가 없다면서 “일본은 2차대전 이후에 스시를 먹기 시작했지만 한국과 중국은 수천년간 스시와 사시미를 만들어 왔다”고 주장했다.

In this article, a owner of Sushi restaurant “Ginza Sushi” in LA, Jerry Kim said

“Sushi and Sashimi came from Korea and China. Japanese started to eat Sushi after 1945, and they don’t have no rights to claim about Sushi”.

He isn’t the only Korean to say such a bullshit. I’ve had enough stupid fantasic stories about it.

I can give you numerous examples like this. If you read “Korea and Her Neighbors” you’ll notice that Koreans don’t have a history of drinking tea at all. But, today they claim sado (which is an art, and spiritual zen way of serving and drinking tea) originates from Korea. How could they so arrogant and ignorant? One can only guess. If you read books such as Korea and Her Neighbors by Isabella Lucy Bird or Histoire de L’Eglise de Corée by Claude Charles Dallet, You’ll know. They did not have any of those traditions. So they have to CREATE HISTORY and TRADITIONs today otherwise they feel.. what crazy? inferior? I don’t know. Probably it’s the deeply rooted HAN or inferior complex.

A typical Korean would answer “the evil Japs took away from us!” Heck. Those books were written way before Japan annexed Korea.

They did not have Kendo(or Kumdo), Sado, Kado, Judo, Karate, Origami, Matsuri, Sakura, or any of those things.

Korean invented Chinese characters?

Taekwondo is a ripp off, but we don’t remember that

Korean invented everything

This time, a new target is Soy source.

동은FC는 우선 간장소스부터 출시할 계획이다. 세계시장에서 우리나라 전통 발효식품인 간장이 마치 일본 것으로 인식되는 것을 고치겠다는 포부다. 초기에는 일본 간장소스를 벤치마킹해 세계시장에 연착륙 한 뒤 차차 세계인의 입맛을 바꿔나갈 계획이라고 회사 측은 소개한다. 2년 내 미국 애너하임에 지사를 설립할 계획이다.

간장은 한국이 원조 ‘일본간장 잡겠다

You don’t like the fact Kikkoman is the de-fact synonym for soy source, huh? You wanna proclaim that Korea is the true father and the originator of Soy source huh? Fu*ck. Original Soy Source came from ancient China.

“Korean Created China and Japan”…

On 16th, LA. Dr Hong Beom Rhee the author of “Asian Millenarianism” gave a speech.

According to the article,

한국인은 미개해서 고대에는 중국의 속국으로 근대에는 일본의 식민지가 됐다\”는 일반적인 역사인식을 깨트리며 \”일본과 중국을 만든 민족은 바로 한국인이며, 고대 한국 문명이 아시아 문명의 모체가 됐다\

Contrasted with the common historical knowledge, which “Koreans were uncivilized and Korea used to be a vassal state of China and a colony of Japan”, “it was Koreans created Japan and China, and ancient Korean civilization was the origin of Asian civilizations”.

“韓国人は未開で古代には中国の属国で近代には日本の植民地になった”という一般的な歴史認識を破って “日本と中国を作った民族はまさに韓国人であり, 古代韓国文明がアジア文明の母体となった”

I’d really like to see the logic and proof to back up his theory.

From what I know, people living in the Korean peninsula spoke different languages and had different customs around 6th century. I wonder which people he’s talking about.

And he forgets about Mongols. Korea used to be under severe control from Mongols; worse than a vassal state. And his claim is based on “Korean Pure Blood” myth (and of course the “Dangun” myth). But, the fact is, Koreans today are pretty mongolianized…

Well, pretty soon, he’s gonna start saying Korean have 10000 years of history or whatever.

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Korean invented everything

Koreans are known to claim [fill in this blank] originates from Korea. And that’s pissing some off, and some laugh at Koreans.

This is the one thing, among many, I want to find out why and where this tendency came from. I’m just curious. I suspect that the uri nara manse syndrome just went too far.

Here is the latest example.

China:Korean professor under catcalls from Global Voices

On 31st, October, several Chinese portal websites released the news: the Korean professor Zheng Zaishu in Ehwa University suggested that, contrasted with the common sense, the Chinese mythology mainly originated from Korea. His theory was based on the fact that many gods mentioned in Chinese mythology Legends of Mountains and Seas could be found in Goguryeo frescos.

Korea is truly interesting. “uri nara manse syndrome“, “blood obsession“, “origin obsession”, Hwabyeong, generosity toward lies, etc etc

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