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About the islets

While I was absent for 10 years, Japanese government created webpages on the islets. Now, we can clearly compare both sides.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Korea

Looks to me, South Korea took advantage of the defeat of Japan in WWII and took the islets (and surrounding water for fishing rights) violently against the international laws.

Let me know what you think.

Wikipedia fiasco continues, part 2

As you know, many South Koreans go crazy about Wikipedia [1] if and only if “Japan” is the subject. And that attracts many interests from variety people. But no one seems to care about real subject related Korea. They do everything to bring down Japan and they do every thing to hide or do very little about the history of Korea.

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Korean Education

As I talked about how Korean teach kids in schools[1] or other observe [2], there seem to be no freedom when it comes to Dokdo. This picture below was posted by a Korean.

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Wikipedia fiasco continues, part 1

I came back from a trip and came across the article from Chosun Ilbo[1 Korean][2 Japanese] which amused me. The article actually suggests readers to get involved in the online pull at Wikipedia on Dokdo.

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How VANK brainwash kids in South Korea

Being a software engineer, this kind of behaviors make me little angry. Harrasing people all over the world using the Internet and claiming things by force is not the right way to go on the web. This is why I call VANK “the internet terrorist group” or “the cyber terror organization”. (p)

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The Dokdo Museum “admits” faking the Dokdo map

According to the article from Sankei Shinbun, The Dokdo Museum has decided to fix remove the model showing “simplified” version of the old Dokdo map.

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Kim Jang-soo, a new sporksman for China?

The defense minister of Korea Kim Jang-soo express some concerns over Japan’s possible purchasing of F-22 “Raptors”.

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