Pictures of old Korea before and after

A picture is worth a thousand words.

  • Korea in 1880 – 1900 (Korea before Japan)
  • Japan in 1860 – 1900 (Japan)
  • Korea in 1910 – 1945 (Korea after Japan–Korea Annexation)

Korea in 1880s – 1900s (before Japan)

The economic and political situations in Korea are terribly bad. People in Korea have been exploited by the privileged class (Yangban) like bureaucrats or aristocrats of its dynasty. Some of them tried to modernize Korea with the help of Japan. But then they had to struggle with people sticking with the old regime. In the end, they couldn’t change their country.

Many changes which were instructed by Japan could seem valid and effective, if only they would be just implemented properly. However it seems impossible to modernize Korea by Koreans themselves.

I would like Americans who are interested in the history between Japan and Korea, to read this book first in order to have a better understanding about two countries’ history. I’m afraid some recent books might be biased.

I would also like readers to read the book entitled “ The New Korea” , which was written in 1926 by Alleyne Ireland.

History will repeat itself

You can read the book online or get PDF and Kindle book from here. Or my excerpts.


Japan in 1860 – 1900s

Japan should have left Korea behind … but Japan was too kind… and helped Korea. Japan was praised by the western countries and journalists at the time though.

Korea (after Japan–Korea Annexation) in 1910s – 1945


The books by Professor Alleyne Ireland and Professor Atul Kohli make it clear that the common perception in the West — the Japanese invaded Korea, exploited Korean people and committed atrocities — is a myth. If Japan is to annex North Korea right now, kick out Kim Jong-un and liberate majority of the North Koreans, wouldn’t they welcome Japan’s annexation with open arms? That was exactly what happened in 1910.
“The New Korea” by Professor Alleyne Ireland

Today, Koreans claim Japan is absolute evil and Japan has done nothing but evil thing to Korea.

Japan enslaved Koreans, you say? As pictures show, Japan saved Koreans from enslavement by the Korean King and Yangbans. History tells us “today’s Koreans are telling lies” and  “stay the heck away from Koreans”.

Korea will blame you and hate you for helping Korea later saying you interfere Koreans. If you won’t help Korea, Korea will blame you for not helping Korea in the future.

I feel sorry for the US because, today, the US has to deal with or take care of Korean problem – both South and North. And also, watching Korean peninsula causing all kinds of troubles, I kinda understand why my ancestors felt they needed to take control of the peninsula. North is exactly the same as Korea (pitiful people suffer under the King – now Kim Jong-un) in 100 years ago – pain in the ass.


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