Korean soccer team attacks after losing to Japanese team

I don’t really care about sports, but .. this may be worth mentioning because I think this is one of the many examples of Korean racism toward Japanese …

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Korean “racism” against Japanese

The attitude of many South Koreans to Japan today, combing admiration, envy, hatred, and arrogance qualifies as racism against Japanese… not just a “Japanophobia” or “Pro-Japanese scare”

Any objection?

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Everytime earthquake hits..

An earthquake struck (7.2 magnitude, 3 died) northeastern Japan this mourning. I’m interested to know how Koreans react this time because Koreans are known to behave very badly(especially on the web) when an unfortunate thing happens to other country.

A couple weeks ago, a Chinese newspaper reported “Japanese cried and Koreans laughed” regarding the Sichuan earthquake. Also, when the Virginia Tech massacre happened, initial reaction of Koreans and Korean newspapers were just terrible.

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Who was Kim Gu? I think he was just a psycho.

The faces of the revered independence fighter Kim Gu(or Kim Ko/Kim Ku) and mid-Chosun-era female artist Shin Saimdang, the mother of Confucian scholar Yulkok Yi Yi, are expected to grace the new W100,000 and W50,000 bills to be released in 2009.
Kim Koo garnered overwhelming support and was unofficially selected as the face of the W100,000 bill.


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