Welcome to our world (Korea Fatigue)


MARCH 2, 2015

Wendy Sherman, US undersecretary of state for political affairs, told a conference on Friday that diplomatic problems between Tokyo, Seoul and Beijing were “understandable, but . . . can also be frustrating”.

Of course . . . it is not hard for a political leader anywhere to earn cheap applause by vilifying a former enemy,” she added, after pointing to various disagreements that relate to Japan’s colonial past. “But such provocations produce paralysis, not progress.


Dr. Robert J. Shapiro Addresses South Korean President Park Geun-hye

President Park,

I speak today as a friend and admirer of South Korea, an economist who has written extensively about your country’s remarkable transformation from a desperately poor agrarian economy to one of the world’s most economically advanced nations.

Korea is the single greatest economic success story of the last half century. But Korea today faces new challenges which will influence whether in the coming decade your country continues to prosper.

To begin, Madam President, press freedom, a hallmark of all true democracies, is under assault. The recent indictment of Tatsuya Kato for defamation is an example of a disturbing trend of harassment of foreign correspondents inside Korea.

The United Nations, as you know, has also launched a formal investigation into discrimination against non-Koreans in your country. Beyond the offense to human rights, such attacks on the free press can only discourage flows of foreign direct investment into Korea.

An even larger stumbling block for Korea’s continued prosperity is its unresolved relationship with Japan, the region’s largest free economy and democracy. Though World War II ended nearly 70 years ago, there remain many hard feelings.

Long ago, Japan paid some eight hundred million dollars ($800,000,000) in reparations to Korean victims of that war. Yet declassified documents indicate that under then-President Park Chung-hee those funds never made it to such victims, the so-called comfort women.

That may explain in small part why some old wounds have never healed. And those wounds are often reopened by the disturbingly hostile attitude towards Japan seen in Korean media and often encouraged by official statements.

Japan is a major source of foreign direct investment in Korea, a major market for Korean exports, a major source of Korean imports. It’s time to further extend and deepen the trade relations between Asia’s two most successful democratic economies.

I urge you, President Park, to take action on all of these fronts. Consider your landmark trade accord with Viet Nam, which has put aside wartime acts by Korean soldiers against civilians during Viet Nam’s civil war. It is time, President Park, to put progress ahead of past conflicts and extend the hand of friendship to Japan.

Finally, you begin to realize … but you (the US and western countries) do not know enough about Korea and China yet.

But you are right. Now, South Korea is paralyzed and a mess (politically, economically, public unsafe, foreign diplomacy) . And I feel very very sorry for your effort did not really change South Korea.

It seems like South Korea keeps digging its own grave despite the advises from friendly nations (including Japan).

Everytime earthquake hits..

An earthquake struck (7.2 magnitude, 3 died) northeastern Japan this mourning. I’m interested to know how Koreans react this time because Koreans are known to behave very badly(especially on the web) when an unfortunate thing happens to other country.

A couple weeks ago, a Chinese newspaper reported “Japanese cried and Koreans laughed” regarding the Sichuan earthquake. Also, when the Virginia Tech massacre happened, initial reaction of Koreans and Korean newspapers were just terrible.

But those are nothing compared to how Koreans have reacted to Japanese earthquakes and accidents. Koreans went wild and laughed and made fun of those who suffered. It goes back at least 1995 when Great Hanshin earthquake took place. At the time, a boy were selling newspapers saying “Earthquake in Japan! Heaven’s punishment!”. And this bad behavior continued when Noto earthquake and Amagasaki rail crash took place.

Many Japanese blogs and some magazines picked up those and translated to Japanese. So it is relatively known to Japanese internet users what Koreans’ been saying. Many Japanese were upset and began to hate Koreans. And some began to do the same to Koreans. Yeah, that’s the “kenkan ryuu” I think. Lately, Chinese blogs began to pick up those bad behaviors and comments of the Koreans. And I’m seeing the same ill-feeling toward Koreans among Chinese people as well. I think the more Chinese know about Koreans the more Chinese will begin to dislike Koreans if Koreans keep doing this kind of childish behaviors.

So, how about this time? I don’t see much Koreans celebrating Japanese death as much as I saw the last time. Koreans are growing up? Maybe. Or maybe Koreans began to realize they are making enemies around them. Or they are too busy beating up their president.

However, you can always find if you know where to look. If you read Hangul, enjoy.

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Who was Kim Gu? I think he was just a psycho.

The faces of the revered independence fighter Kim Gu(or Kim Ko/Kim Ku) and mid-Chosun-era female artist Shin Saimdang, the mother of Confucian scholar Yulkok Yi Yi, are expected to grace the new W100,000 and W50,000 bills to be released in 2009.
Kim Koo garnered overwhelming support and was unofficially selected as the face of the W100,000 bill.


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Racism in Japan?

Crystal Kay

Crystal Kay was born to an African American father (a bassist from New Jersey) and a third-generation Zainichi (person of Korean descent born in Japan) mother who was a professional singer.

She is well known singer in Japan. But, she said she had terrible experiences in Korea when interviewed.

Angela Aki

Another good singer.

uhh.. What was I talking about? 😉

Oh, this one is pretty nice.

trivia: a term “mix-blood” is banned as well as monkey(Japanese) in some Korean websites.

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