I enjoy conversations with many Koreans. It is interesting to know how different we see things. I hope to portray some of the difference here.

Before sending me hate mails, please study and do your own research on Korean history from all kinds of sources and cultural background by yourself. (And what actually Koreans are saying back home)

Note: My English is not good. I need to keep practicing… This is the main reason why I write here.


7 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello,

    I see you have failed to point out of the Korean Political system how they tend to use anti-Japanese sentiment aka: Roh adminstration and his failures with the public popularity therefore hence, how they are using the anti-japanese/anti-American sentiment to produce publice popularity, this as you could have compared to the Low(Yes very low) Anti-Japanese and Anti-American sentiment in the early 1990’s. As you could also point out, if Park Gun Hye becomes elected as the next Korean President, she will most likely stamp out the Japanese sentiment. (You would know her father ,Lt. Okamoto.)

    You also could have pointed out the Koreans who actually have similar views with a lot of the Japanese. Such as that “japan girl” (korean girl)last month(yes last month not 10 years ago), that she wrote eloquently(with intended sarcasm)in her blog, wrote how Koreans should learn from the Japanese yet you have not mentioned her at all.

    Your blog as you say is to “potray some of the difference” views of what Koreans have, compared to rest of the world, yet you show the
    same, equally biased view of what you assume the “majority of koreans views” as you have talked to “them” and looked at the statstics and the Korean newspapers.
    You could have more pointed the problems
    in regards to objectivity and subjectivity of each journalist who writes in the Korean newspapers.

    I know there are distortions of Korean History/politics and etc, you show this part i very well in your blog but you do not point out the REAL problems in korea that lies within the governement and its media and the elite who control the rest of korea. Afterall, they are the ones who join with Japanese and their money and yet thus create
    the anti Japanese sentiment to their whim.

    Yes, the majority of Koreans should be educating themselves by researching etc but those who do know that is also a problem.

    You would also be aware that the next Korean Government, whether it is a he or she will either raise more anti-Japanese sentiment or lessen it to their gain amd would you not point out a small essay of which party that becomes government will bring out the Anti-japanese sentiment or will you not be bothered ?

    It is quite unfortunate and in your view you would call it as the Korean Government for being childish again but it is also to note why the Japanese allowed themselves to be in the Korean Chopping board allowed to be used again and agin at their whim. Same again in the
    Chinese Chopping board. I still do not understand why the Japanese Goverment allowed this to happen at their gain.
    Afterall as you said the koreans should have kept the two koreas as one country, the Japanese should have allowed themselves not to be in both countries chopping board for their
    “fun” .lol

    Anyways, great blog.

    Makes me laugh/bemused of the problems of what some koreans think of things.
    By the way, your english isn’t that bad.

    Will pass this on to other fellow korean australians who think as you do of Korea( which there is alot).

  2. Lisa,

    Thank you very much. You don’t know how much I appreciate your comment. I’ll take your suggestions seriously.

    Please let me defend myself a little though. I wrote more than 100 entries so far. And I think I mentioned many of the problems and its background.

    “they are using the anti-Japanese/anti-American sentiment to gain public popularity” That’s the Japanese government official analysis too. But I disagree. I mean, it is just one of many reasons why they are. And it does not explain where it came from. There are whole lot more. Have you consider the Confucianism influence? Have you consider why they have to hide true history? You can’t describe all that in a few posts. And I was hoping that readers could take the information I portray and come up with their own answers themselves. It takes hundreds or more posts to effectively portray the different aspects of the things in Korea today.

    Besides, they were very much anti-Japan when Hanshin earthquake took place in 1995. Japanese died and Koreans were happy about it. Kids were selling newspaper saying “Good news! Good news! Damnation for Japan!” And I witness the same(but less obvious) when Chuetsu earthquake took place in 2004.
    Learning to hate, revisited

    I repeatedly mentioned in my posts that REAL problem is the public education. That makes Korea and China different from other Asian countries, such as Taiwan, Philippine, Indonesia etc.

    I wrote about why the Japanese Government allowed this to happen..
    I wrote about “Korean saying how Koreans should learn from the Japanese”
    I did not write about “Japan girl” because, at that time, I did not have this blog! And one person does not represent anything. Besides, whole lot of Koreans were accusing her bashing her so terribly. That only reminded me of the shutting down of Daum cafe which praised Empire Japan.
    I wrote about the next Korean president, I have no hope. It’s not about the president, but it is about people who change the country.

    Anyway, if you have time, I’m very glad if you could read the whole posts I wrote from the beginning. And I’ve never claimed my “view” is objective. It’s not. That’s why it is interesting to compare different point of views. You are supposed to enjoy the difference of my “view” and the views I think Koreans may have. I do talk with many South Koreans(in fact I’m in the middle of chatting with Koreans

    Thank you and your suggestions and corrections are always welcome. And your friends are welcome and I’m eager to hear from him/her.

  3. What a waste of time, Mr. Toru. Most of your posts, full of prejudice and distortion, tell me that you are nothing but an extreme rightist. I, myself as a Jew, I don’t like an extreme like you. I’ve spent more than two years in Tokyo, I have some good Japanese friends, and I know Japan is a good country. However there are crooked people like you, no wonder you can see such folks in almost all countries. I know most Japanese rightists hate its neighbor countries, especially Korea and China. A funny thing I found was that they enjoy speaking ill of Korea, or Koreans publicly while they don’t of China or Chinese, I guess, simply because Korea is an easy pray while much much bigger China is ‘too gowai’ to criticize. That’s a girlish aspect of Japanese rightists. Anyway, boy, be a man. To the west, Japanese is just a sort of Asians, no matter how you try to be near to whites. And speaking ill of others can’t put yourself higher. Actually whenever I see a Japanese like you, my reputation towards Japanese is just eroding. Anyway you are a small Nazi. You suck. Don’t waste your time doing silly political propaganda.

  4. Mr. Lumbroso

    I maybe a bit harsh, but I’ve never lied. Nazi like people are Koreans, if you learn little more.

    Take a look how Korean society teach kids.

    “Children’s drawings in the subway”

    Nazi education itself.

    Kid’s, teachers, schools, government, and passengers all allowed and encouraged this to kids.

    Besides, I don’t care how you think about Japanese. Why do I need to care about Japanese?

  5. It’s funny how Mr. Lumbroso goes out of the way to claim he is Jewish. Yeah, right…he’s about as “Jewish” as a broken down piece of shit Hyundai or a chongi-bribe or a–censored– celebrity like Sandra Oh.

    Give me a break..the kimchi reeks right through the disguise.

    No other country in the world is so obsessed with defaming Japan on the internet blogs than one which is ridden with so much jealousy-fueled hatred and a severe inferiority complex than Korea. It’s obvious that Lumbroso is just another one of the millions of stupid Korean trolls on the internet, infesting Japan-themed websites and spewing their ugly filth and garbage, by posing as a non-Korean nationality. To them, this technique is useful because they want to somehow fool people into thinking that the number of non-Korean haters of Japan is so high…when in fact, hardly anyone gives a frog’s ass about defaming Japan other than the stalker-like, jealous, stupid and immature Koreans.

    Koreans are really funny when they are jealous and angry…kind of like how 5 year children act when they are jealous of an older sibling. Most children in civilized countries tend to grow out of this type of behavior after they reach the age of 10, but in Korea, people continue to act this way way into their 50’s. Tells you alot about their social maturity and intelligence.

    Koreans..interesting creatures they are.

  6. Hey, POS, don’t you are think blowing things out of proportion that Koreans claim this and that just because some stupid Koreans who don’t represent the whole are being hyper nationalists. These topics about “urinara manse” syndrome is just showing how stupid you are.

  7. To …

    Well, then why many of those “hyper nationalists” stay in universities as professors in Korea? Why Korean media advertise those “hyper nationalistic” fantasy almost every week or so? Why many many Korean students say exactly the same thing as those “hyper nationalists”?

    Think about it.

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