The uri nara mansae syndrome

I don’t wanna be too picky, but there ARE obvious tendency in Korean media. I call it “uri nara mansae syndrome” meaning “uri(our) nara(country) mansae(great)” or 우리나라 만세.

The WiBro story I blogged yesterday “Korea’s WiBro” or WiMAX; not so Korean was a good example of this.  Oh, and the first train story was good one too.
I can list a whole bunch but here are some more latest story.

Korean animation hits #1 in the U.S. 국내 애니메이션 美 지상파 시청률 1위 기염 国内アニメーション 美 至上派視聴率 1位気炎 [2007-10-23 11:03:03]

‘이온키드’는 지난 해 9월30일까지 KBS 2TV에서 방영된 ‘아이언키드’의 미국판 타이틀로 기획, 제작뿐 아니라 그 동안 한국 애니메이션의 가장 큰 취약점이었던 시나리오 연출까지 100% 국내에서 진행한 작품이다.

미국 외에도 스페인, 이탈리아 등 유럽지역에서도 시청률 1위를 기록하며 선풍적인 인기를 끈 바 있다.

It reads “it was 100% Korean-made from planning to creation” “It became popular not only in the U.S. but also in European countries such as Spain and Italy.”


Ok it sure looks fine.

But according to Wikipedia, Eon Kid is a CGI television series produced by BRB Internacional (Spain), DesignStorm, Daiwon C&A Holdings (South Korea) and Manga Entertainment (US).

Also, it kinda looks like Rockman


OK, well, whatever.. NEXT!

The world’s fastest mobile telecommunication technology from Korea!

ETRI, HSDPA보다 1000배 빠른 이동통신기술 개발

3.6Gbps 4G시스템 공개시연, 20메가 HD영상 100개 실시간 동시 전송
2007년 10월 11일 14:34:26 / 김재철 기자

世界 最高速 移動通信 技術が 純粋 国内 技術で 開発された.

세계 최고속 이동통신 기술이 순수 국내 기술로 개발됐다

The world’s fastest mobile telecommunication technology has been developed with pure Korean-homegrown technologies.


OK, that’s NOT true either.




December 25th, 2006, NTT DoCoMo successfully transmitted 5Gbps while moving at 10km/hour. This was not a computer simulation. It was a real field test.

There are a whole lot more, but… boy am I tired.

Here is “Korean created everything” uri nara manse series!!

“Korean Created China and Japan”…

Korean invented everything

Korean invented Chinese characters?

Taekwondo is a ripp off, but we don’t remember that

“Korean history is 5000 years old” business

“Korean history is 10,000 years old”

Japanese toy, “Korean invention!”

Korean train is the first among Asia….

“Korea’s WiBro” or WiMAX – not so Korean

Yet another Uriginal – Soy source

A joke popular among Japanese and Chinese

Korean created Aztec and Inca civilization”

Remember this “Always verify when you read Korean news articles and books” no kiddin’

It’s none of my business how Korean uses media to fuel ugly nationalism, but lying, distortion and exaggeration isn’t good for any of us.


One thought on “The uri nara mansae syndrome

  1. Always verify when you read Korean news articles and books.

    unfortunately, S Koreans don’t seem to understand this.

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