North Korea missile launch was training exercise to strike US bases in Japan

For the first time, NK officially admits..

N.Korea calls 4 missile test-launches success

The North’s official Korean Central News Agency said on Tuesday that artillery units tasked with striking US bases in Japan fired 4 ballistic missiles simultaneously under the watch of the country’s leader Kim Jong Un.

OK.. North Korea seems like they want to start a war against Japan.

Not surprising.

Stop fucking around and just reunite with South.

Just do it without outside interference(aka HELP) once in your history…Korean people!

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Moon Jae-in declares purging of pro-Japanese parasites

Oh yeah. The witch-hunt in 10 years ago all over again.

Moon Jae-in who is the leading presidential contenders with 32% of support is said to be a leftist pro-North Korea. And he is becoming the president of South Korea.


文 “반드시 친일청산” 安 “이승만도 대한민국”
2017-03-01 21:52

Moon Jae-in “Be sure to liquidate pro-Japanese”,  Ahn Hee-jung “Rhee Seungman also Korea”

야권 대선주자들은 제98주년 3·1절을 맞아 친일 청산과 임시정부 계승 등을 한목소리로 강조하며 애국행보를 벌였다.

The presidential candidates of the opposition held their patriotic rally emphasizing the liquidation of the pro-Japanese and succession of the interim government in the 98th anniversary of the March 31st.


더불어민주당 문재인 전 대표는 1일 “친일청산, 100년을 넘길 수 없다. 청산하지 못한 친일세력이 독재세력으로 이어지고 민주공화국을 숙주로 삼아왔다”고 친일 청산 의지를 분명히 했다.

In addition, former Democratic Party chairman Moon Jae-in said on January 1, “We can not exceed 100 years. The pro-Japanese forces that have not been liquidated have led to dictatorship and have made the Democratic Republic a host.


문 전 대표는 “나라다운 나라라면 공동체를 배반하고 억압한 세력을 벌해야 한다”고도 강조했다.

Moon emphasized, “If the country is a country, we should punish the repressive forces that betray the community.”


He obviously did not get the friendly advice from the US.

Wendy Sherman, US undersecretary of state for political affairs, told a conference on Friday that “Of course . . . it is not hard for a political leader anywhere to earn cheap applause by vilifying a former enemy,” she added, after pointing to various disagreements that relate to Japan’s colonial past. “But such provocations produce paralysis, not progress.
MARCH 2, 2015

Lee Jae-myung, another presidential candidate, says

“We are facing a diplomatic and security crisis because of incompetent and irresponsible pro-Japanese, dictatorial, and corrupt forces, and the vices of inequality and unfairness are thwarting opportunities for all South Koreans,” Lee declared.

As if, all of the troubles South Korea face today is pro-Japanese forces’ fault…


I’m 100% sure South Korea will end up calling (labeling) each other “pro-Japanese traitor!” and “pro-North commies!” and mess their country up. Idiots! This is just a politically motivated witch-hunt for gaining popularity. It’s a political poison that destroys not only destroys a target but everyone in the country.

And crazy thing is that, about 99% of the comments of the article are in favor of Moon and purging of pro-Japanese. But they even don’t know what “liquidation pro-Japanese”really means and who and who really qualify as “pro-Japanese”. If you defend Japan’s position, you get punished??  Scary.

South Koreans are saying the impeachment of the president Park and candle demonstrations are great REVOLUTION, but it reminds me of the Chinese Communist party’s Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution which was the most disastar for China ever done.

South Korea .. GROW UP

Dividing camps and taking side is not politics. Moo Jae-in, the frontrunner in the polls, wants to inherit Roh Moo-hyun’s spirit and follow his path. He has said, We have to start a revolution if impeachment fails” and wants to end “pro-Japanese, dictatorial vices.” His language could get too rough and divide the nation. Even if he could become president, his presidency may fail. Who cannot be sure that Moon Jae-in’s supporters would clash with his opponents trying to bring him down in Gwanghwamun Square a year later? Then, Korea would have no future.

Oh! by the way, do I get to see the spree of Anti-America and Anti-Japan riots[1],[2],[3] all over again too?  🙂

Failure of South Korean “seesaw” diplomacy


A picture tells a thousand words.

China threatens Korea over Thaad

Mar 02,2017

As Korea speeds along with the deployment of the U.S.-led Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (Thaad) system by sealing a land deal with Lotte Group to acquire a golf course in Seongju County, North Gyeongsang, Beijing is threatening diplomatic, economic and possibly military retaliation.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang said through a press briefing Tuesday that Beijing is “firmly opposed to and strongly dissatisfied with the fact that” Seoul is working with Washington to accelerate the deployment process of a Thaad battery and “ignoring China’s interests and concerns.”

This is clearly a result of South Korea’s “seesaw” diplomacy.

Korea has been like this for a long long time. It’s called “Sadaejuui


The South Korean public tends to favor the diplomatic strategy of managing both bilateral relationships harmoniously. South Koreans believe that it is against their national interest to promote one relationship at the expense of the other. The last two South Korean administrations have attempted to follow this diplomatic strategy by managing the two interactions cooperatively but independently.

However, sustaining friendly relations with both powers has proven difficult. Former president Roh Moo-hyun and current president Lee Myung-bak struggled to manage these two bilateral relationships and failed in their search for an ideal balance. President Roh, recognizing China’s growing power, accommodated China and maintained some diplomatic distance from the United States. For most of Roh’s tenure, South Korea enjoyed intimate bilateral interactions with China, but it suffered severely from the resulting complications in its security cooperation with the United States.

South Korea should have chosen which side you are on and firmly stand. There is an old saying  “He who runs after two hares will catch neither“.

And now, you are treated as “traitor” from BOTH sides.

Moon calls for balanced diplomacy

Moon Jae-in, the leading presidential hopeful, said Tuesday that South Korea should seek balance between the United States and China in dealing with diplomatic challenges.

Those who don’t learn from history…


Welcome to our world (Korea Fatigue)
MARCH 2, 2015

Wendy Sherman, US undersecretary of state for political affairs, told a conference on Friday that diplomatic problems between Tokyo, Seoul and Beijing were “understandable, but . . . can also be frustrating”.

Of course . . . it is not hard for a political leader anywhere to earn cheap applause by vilifying a former enemy,” she added, after pointing to various disagreements that relate to Japan’s colonial past. “But such provocations produce paralysis, not progress.


Dr. Robert J. Shapiro Addresses South Korean President Park Geun-hye

President Park,

I speak today as a friend and admirer of South Korea, an economist who has written extensively about your country’s remarkable transformation from a desperately poor agrarian economy to one of the world’s most economically advanced nations.

Korea is the single greatest economic success story of the last half century. But Korea today faces new challenges which will influence whether in the coming decade your country continues to prosper.

To begin, Madam President, press freedom, a hallmark of all true democracies, is under assault. The recent indictment of Tatsuya Kato for defamation is an example of a disturbing trend of harassment of foreign correspondents inside Korea.

The United Nations, as you know, has also launched a formal investigation into discrimination against non-Koreans in your country. Beyond the offense to human rights, such attacks on the free press can only discourage flows of foreign direct investment into Korea.

An even larger stumbling block for Korea’s continued prosperity is its unresolved relationship with Japan, the region’s largest free economy and democracy. Though World War II ended nearly 70 years ago, there remain many hard feelings.

Long ago, Japan paid some eight hundred million dollars ($800,000,000) in reparations to Korean victims of that war. Yet declassified documents indicate that under then-President Park Chung-hee those funds never made it to such victims, the so-called comfort women.

That may explain in small part why some old wounds have never healed. And those wounds are often reopened by the disturbingly hostile attitude towards Japan seen in Korean media and often encouraged by official statements.

Japan is a major source of foreign direct investment in Korea, a major market for Korean exports, a major source of Korean imports. It’s time to further extend and deepen the trade relations between Asia’s two most successful democratic economies.

I urge you, President Park, to take action on all of these fronts. Consider your landmark trade accord with Viet Nam, which has put aside wartime acts by Korean soldiers against civilians during Viet Nam’s civil war. It is time, President Park, to put progress ahead of past conflicts and extend the hand of friendship to Japan.

Finally, you begin to realize … but you (the US and western countries) do not know enough about Korea and China yet.

But you are right. Now, South Korea is paralyzed and a mess (politically, economically, public unsafe, foreign diplomacy) . And I feel very very sorry for your effort did not really change South Korea.

It seems like South Korea keeps digging its own grave despite the advises from friendly nations (including Japan).

I agree

This is a very rare occasion that I have to agree with Korean news article. The author must be foreign educated. very different form this one.

However, I can’t find the page in Korean. How many Koreans read this. What are the responses? Is it even published in Korean?

Future of Korea-Japan relations and Korean democracy
By Joseph Yi

Following the 2015 Korea-Japan agreement, 34 of 46 registered comfort women survivors accepted compensation from the Japanese government. Two decades ago, 61 former Korean comfort women (out of 203) accepted compensation from Japan’s 1994 Asian Women’s Fund. Korea has the option of building on the 2015 agreement and deepening cooperation with Japan. This seems prudent in the context of uncertainties at home and abroad, including military threats from North Korea and THADD-related sanctions from China.

Activists have chosen an alternative path of confrontation, and placed a new comfort woman statue in Busan. They have been cheered on by China, which uses the comfort women issue to divide its two neighbors. The protesters are motivated by various factors, but key is a Manichean worldview that divides people into innocent victims and evil oppressors, and unawareness of legitimate, alternative viewpoints. In liberal democracies, perspectives of one side are vigorously disputed by another in public debate; but this is lacking in illiberal societies. In the past, South Koreans were taught that North Korea was a puppet of Soviet communists, and that contrary views reflected that of communist traitors. Today, young people are taught that Japan kidnapped and enslaved 200,000 Korean women, and that views to the contrary reflect that of Japanese right-wingers and pro-Japanese traitors (chinilpa).

In the popular 2016 movie “Spirits’ Homecoming,” Korean girls are kidnapped, abused, and their bodies burned (to destroy evidence) by Japanese soldiers. The Homecoming-style narrative is disputed by some academics as overly simplistic. According to San Francisco State Professor Sarah Soh (‘Comfort Women’ 2008), women initially offered various testimonies for working at comfort stations, such as supporting their families economically or escaping overbearing parents. Some women suffered abuse, others experienced more supportive conditions. Soh argues that women should freely share their experiences, without pressure to conform to the nationalist, anti-Japan narrative.

Soh remains largely unknown among Koreans, because no publisher has translated her English-language book. In 2013, Sejong University professor Park Yu-ha published a Korean-language book (‘Comfort Women of the Empire’), with findings broadly similar to Soh’s. A Seoul court partially censored Park’s book and fined her 90 million won ($74 thousand) for defaming survivors of enslavement. Prosecutors also requested a three-year prison sentence.

The trial of Professor Park reflects the prevailing narrative that South Korea is the victim of malicious outsiders, such as North Korea (for political right), USA (left), or Japan (right and left); and that contrary views betray the Korean nation. An alternative, liberal-nationalist perspective would combine deep love of one’s country with thoughtful, nuanced analysis and universal, liberal values. A liberal patriot would ask fellow citizens to openly discuss the complexities of their past and present, including the historically ignored, comfort women for the American army in Korea or for the Korean army in Vietnam. A thoughtful, liberal perspective that transcends the victimhood narrative would serve both Korean strategic interests and universal justice.

Joseph Yi is an associate professor of political science at Hanyang University

well said.

South Korea…GROW UP

Texts in blue are my comments.

Irreconcilable neighbor – The Korea Times

Posted : 2017-02-28 17:58
By Choi Sung-jin

Koreans cannot help but think about Japan at least twice a year ― on March 1 and August 15. And which of the two national holidays a person believes, more importantly, tells much about his or her historical and ideological inclinations.

Ninety-eight years ago today, 2 million Koreans (HAHAHA. Is it a official police estimates? or protesters self-claim? Because Koreans TODAY.. “Every Saturday night since Oct. 29, thousands of Koreans have poured onto a main artery in central Seoul to demand an end to the presidency of Park Geun-hye. Their numbers peaked at 1.6 million on Dec. 3, 2016. Even after Park was impeached in December, the rallies continued on. ”  Protesters always exaggerate the numbers even TODAY. I remember more Koreans protested against the US beef based on RUMORS just 10 years ago. Against beef, man..)  rose against the Japanese colonial rulers declaring and demanding the country’s independence. Imperial Japan ruthlessly suppressed the peaceful(Really? Didn’t they killed Policemen?), nonviolent popular revolt(Really? ), which, however, led to the spread of independence fights(independence fights?  Really?  It was VIOLENT right? no?which is it.), here and abroad(For example? proof ? any historical document?), under the leadership of the government-in-exile in China.(And doing what?exactly?)

The Constitution makes it clear the Republic of Korea inherits the spirit of the March 1 Independence Movement and the provisional government determines the origin of this modern republic in the two historic events.

(HAHAHA! OK, this is very important, people!  Just like the author, many many Koreans believe Korea fought AGAINST Japan for independence and gained it, but, in realty, Koreans at the time, voluntarily fought WITH Japanese AS Japanese. This clearly shows that Koreans can’t face the reality. And also, They created false history in order to self-legitimate against North Korea over the sovereignty in the peninsula. )

Therefore the so-called New Rightists who allege the ROK was born on Aug. 15, 1948, are denying the heroic struggles and self-sacrifices of many independence fighters while whitewashing the shameful acts of treachery committed by pro-Japanese collaborators, including former President Park Chung-hee. The late Park, the father of President Park Geun-hye whose power was suspended by the National Assembly, ruled South Korea for 18 years with an iron fist.

(HAHAHA! It is common knowledge in the world that South Korea is granted the independence by UN from the US rule(USAMGIK) and the South Korea was founded under UNTCOK. I call you the revisionist! I’m sure you would deny Korean independence from China(Sino) was GIVEN by Japan in 1895 . Korean’s claims Japanese Textbook is distorted but, fact is that it is Korean’s that is distorted. Did Korean textbook cover the Jeju masacre or   Bodo League massacre in detail? No.)

Korea has yet to clear away all the remnants of Japanese colonialism, as seen by the resurgence of historical revisionists.(I’m sure you can’t. If you did that, you can’t even READ anything)

But the purge of pro-Japanese(HAHAHA, if you wanna do that, you have to purge every single Koreans from the peninsula. even samsung) conservatives should not necessarily be the first task facing Korea today. Revisiting the past will tear the nation to pieces beyond repair(No, be brave! Face the truth! – sarcasm), and Koreans have far more urgent things to tackle (Yeah, no time to scream “apologize!!!”  and indulge in something that never happened more than 80 years ago! right?) – ensuring national security amid the increasingly uncertain global political climate and stabilizing people’s livelihood in this era of breakneck technological progress and resurgent trade protectionism. Now is the time to move forward, not backward.(Oh good. good)

The spirit of “reconciliation and healing” can hardly be applied to perpetrators of historical crimes,(then WHY the hell you want apologies in the first plaice) however, mainly because they remain unrepentant. (in your dream, man. Insecurity and inferiority complex. that’s what prevent Koreans to admit.)

Nothing shows this better than the ongoing diplomatic rows between Korea and Japan over Tokyo’s brazen demand to remove what it dubs as “comfort women statues,” which commemorate Korean girls and women forced to work as sexual slaves for Japanese soldiers during World War II.(Dude! you are moving backward! )

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and his government cite the December 2015 agreement between the two governments. It called for Tokyo to issue an apology in the name of its premier, acknowledge the state’s involvement in recruiting the sex slaves(No, you idiot!  Tokyo acknowledged the involvement like “knowing the existence” and “usage” but NOT “recruiting” or cohesively doing so, never. Don’t spread lies, asshole.) and then pay 10 billion yen ($8.3 million) from the government’s budget as compensation. Under these conditions, Park’s diplomatic team agreed to bury the issue “finally and irreversibly.”

Even before the ink was dry, however, Tokyo reiterated no historical records backed up Imperial Japan’s involvement in the forced recruitment (Yeah, Japan has been saying so all along. I told you so in the above! You are contradicting yourself.) and the money was intended for humanitarian purposes, not compensation.(Yeah, because there is no legal responsibility for Japan for two reasons. 1: It is resolved in the treaty in 1965 “Agreement Between Japan and the Republic of Korea Concerning the Settlement of Problems in Regard to Property and Claims and Economic Cooperation” which was hidden from Korean public until 2005. Japanese knew it, but Koreans did not know which was not Japan’s fault.  2:Japan as a country did not recruit Comfort Women like I explained in this blog, therefore Japan cannot take accountable.Morally, yes. That’s why Japan has been apologizing. You get it?) Abe, who had his foreign minister read the apology on behalf of him, made it clear he had “not an iota of intention” to make a personal apology (because writing a personal letter is NOT IN THE AGREEMENT you IDIOT. When does the demand stop? forever? not enough? more? more?). Just a day after the agreement, Abe’s defense minister paid tribute to the Yasukuni Shrine where Japan’s fallen soldiers (What’s wrong with paying respect for the dead), including 14 Class-A war criminals (Japanese respect the dead, asshole. Not like Koreans), are memorialized, as if to demonstrate his government’s resolve not to care a chip for the momentary and expedient diplomatic concession.(in your dream, men. wake up)

You know, I’m sick and tired of reading these crap from Korea every day.


Ordinary Koreans are still wondering what drove Seoul to such an idiotic accord, which seemed to include a hidden consent for removing the statue from its current site facing the Japanese embassy (NO. It is called “Treaty of Vienna”, you moron. It’s because violation of Vienna Convention. Stop spreading baseless rumors and conspiracy theory.). Two things seem all but certain, though: Park, who bet all on resolving the issue, was trapped by a self-set deadline. And the United States, bent on forming a trilateral front with its two Northeast Asian allies against a resurgent China, could have twisted Seoul’s arms to swallow Tokyo’s solution.(because South Korea is behaving like 2-year-old child)

Now Japan has disappeared from the stage of the comfort women controversy, leaving Korea mired in conflicts between the pros and cons of the accord (Not Japan’s fault, asshole. South Korea wanted it. But YOU wanted to accuse Japan forever and feel morally superior over Japan, right?). Yun Byung-se, Korea’s top diplomat, is parroting Japanese officials’ claim that the statue hinders the “well-being and dignity” of foreign diplomatic missions, earning the nickname of the “Japanese foreign minister.(Why distort. Why not just say “Pro-Japanese traitor”. That’s what’s Koreans are saying after all.)” But the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations restricts such cases to radical demonstrations in front of foreign diplomatic missions(Oh, so you knew about the treaty then. The 1961 Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations and 1963 Vienna Convention on Consular Relations They actually  states “any disturbance of the peace of [the diplomatic mission/consular post] or impairment of its dignity.”). If Japanese officials feel similar threats from a small, silent girl’s statue, it must be because their conscience was stung by it.(Huh? Do you really think there are no radical demonstrations? Many Koreans are gathering and harassing by chanting, putting all kinds of papers around, and camping near the statues and so on. Their ugliness of the behaviors qualifies as “radical”.)


One can see how Japan is not fit to hold a candle to Germany, which has set up a Holocaust Memorial along with a $6-billion fund for its victims.(Japan did not try to exterminate Koreans in gas chambers. In contrast, Korean population went up like a crazy after Japan annexed and modernize Korea. And Korea became healthier, cleaner, well educated. Japan even liberated traditional Korean slaves(노비) etc. Taiwanese were doing  GREAT  too after Japan annexed Taiwan. Now there are many statues of Japanese in honor of Japanese who contributed to Taiwan. – Thank you Taiwan!) 

Korea’s next president should repeal ― or at least supplement ― the agreement. As Donald Trump has shown, international accords are for revision. In international relations, only countries that can put forth their positions fairly and squarely deserve due respect from others.(Whatever. You are, in fact, saying treaties can be broken. Who wants to deal with a country who constantly change rule of a game? Koreans are famous among Japanese as people who moves “Goal post” all the time.)

North Korea, of course, poses a common threat but the world must solve the problem peacefully, not militarily.(Take that to Kim Jong-Un who, reportedly, just assassinated his own brother with VX. What a fuck you talking about? Japan poses more thread than North Korea? Can’t solve problem with Japan without militarily?)

Koreans and Japanese may be much alike in appearance, but the old adversaries are too different in racial characteristics to reconcile with each other. Koreans are simple, emotional and straightforward while Japanese are more subtle, cool-headed and secretive.(Korean racial thing again. GROW UP.  Korean irrational attitude is one of racial characteristics too ? ‘come on.)

Nor should Koreans expect the U.S. to raise their hand in their rivalry with Japan. Washington has always stood on the side of Tokyo since as early as the late 19th century when it effectively permitted Japan’s colonization of Korea.(It’s not America’s fault, you idiot. Face the realty.)

In the not so distant future, Koreans might have to think of the French intellectual Jacques Attali’s imaginary scenario, which supposes all non-Anglo-Saxon forces in the world unite to face an alliance led by America, Britain — and Japan.

(OK, now, I only despair of Korean people.)

Choi Sung-jin is a contributing writer to The Korea Times.

Revisiting the past will tear the nation(South Korea) to pieces beyond repair (so let’s not talk about it)” but apologies from Japan is not acceptable because “(it) can hardly be applied to perpetrators of historical crimes“, so let’s forget about Korean history and beat the crap of Japan together! because NK has missiles China is Big Daddy but Japan would do no harm to us.  “an easy target” huh?

STOP complaining and THINK and SHOW how to MAKE your fucking country (both government and people) BETTER by yourself without indulging in pathetic victimization! for once in your history.

Japan’s patience is wearing thin.


Korea has been like this for hundreds of years.




The Korea Times, as if they read this page, published a new article “Grow up, China”. What a joke.

Grow up, China
2017-03-03 16:52

South Korean society today

In South Korean society today, all the Koreans must hate Japan and get rid of “Japan remnant(일제잔재)”, otherwise you are a traitor to Koreans and they will shut you up. Because “Pro-Japan” Koreans “sold Korea to Japan in 1910”, “Pro-Japan” are traitors and anything good Japan has done is concealed.

They just can’t stand the fact that Korean independence from China(Sino) was GIVEN by Japan in 1895 , again the independence from Japan was GRANTED by the UN(the US) in 1945. They just want to deny the facts or show that those were not because of Korea’s inability.

South Korea today even DISREGARD her own Laws in order to undermine Japan. It’s out of control.

You can’t reason with those people.

They create fantasy of their own and drawing in it.

It’s pathetic, but sometimes, amusing.



Wait, don’t blame them. They are just trying to be “good KOREAN citizens” in the “Japan-hate-is-a virtue” society just like North Koreans do.

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