South Korean Politics – Left and Right

A few weeks ago, I wrote an entry “Korean “liberal” isn’t liberalism“.  Today, I found a similar explanation made by professor Park Yu-ha, so I want to share it.

The dynamics of South Korean politics is very difficult for foreigners to grasp. South Korean politics is split 50/50 between right and left. The right is pro-U.S., anti-North Korea and anti-Japan. The left is anti-U.S., pro-North Korea and anti-Japan. Chong Dae Hyup is a radical element of South Korean left. So South Korean rightists do not get along with Chong Dae Hyup. But anti-Japanese sentiment in South Korea is shared by right and left due to decades of brainwashing by successive governments.

“Comfort Women of the Empire” by Park Yu-ha 朴裕河

What I wrote was below.

The left-wing (so-called “liberal” or “progressive” who fought against the right-wing) party is consist of pro-communism(thus anti-USA, anti-liberalism) and North Korean sympathizers (Juche ideology; anti-everybody; anti-Japan, anti-America) such as Hanchongryun and some socialists. Some of them still consider democracy as merely a way to spread their leftist(socialistic/Juche) ideology. Their slogan is anti-military = anti-america = pro-north. That’s why Korean leftists(including President Moon) often mention about Marxist like “revolution”. …. And the common denominator of the Korean politics is race based nationalism. When internal politics goes wrong, they always resort to anti-Japanism.


liberal” isn’t liberalism


The most Japanese are aware of this because Japanese “the Left” is similar in many ways. But the Western media does not seem to get it.



South Korea’s Limited Freedom of Speech and Five Laws

10 years ago, I wrote about the internet censorship in South Korea and self-censorship of the media.

I think this should be stopped right now. You know why? Because if you keep people in a clean room for a long time, they loose immunity. And when they are exposed by the propaganda, they tend to be tricked so easily. I think it is about time for South Koreans to actually see by themselves how absurd and abnormal North Korea really is, aside from pictures of the happy North Korean faces of kids that the unification minister always waving around.

But, it’s not the only kind of websites that tend to be blocked….

And, still, nothing has changed. I see signs of deterioration. I see more use of criminal defamation lawsuits and self-censorship and almost violent nationalist mob attacks to silence “traitors”.

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North Korea missile launch was training exercise to strike US bases in Japan

For the first time, NK officially admits..

N.Korea calls 4 missile test-launches success

The North’s official Korean Central News Agency said on Tuesday that artillery units tasked with striking US bases in Japan fired 4 ballistic missiles simultaneously under the watch of the country’s leader Kim Jong Un.

OK.. North Korea seems like they want to start a war against Japan.

Not surprising.

Stop fucking around and just reunite with South.

Just do it without outside interference(aka HELP) once in your history…Korean people!

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