Everytime earthquake hits..

An earthquake struck (7.2 magnitude, 3 died) northeastern Japan this mourning. I’m interested to know how Koreans react this time because Koreans are known to behave very badly(especially on the web) when an unfortunate thing happens to other country.

A couple weeks ago, a Chinese newspaper reported “Japanese cried and Koreans laughed” regarding the Sichuan earthquake. Also, when the Virginia Tech massacre happened, initial reaction of Koreans and Korean newspapers were just terrible.

But those are nothing compared to how Koreans have reacted to Japanese earthquakes and accidents. Koreans went wild and laughed and made fun of those who suffered. It goes back at least 1995 when Great Hanshin earthquake took place. At the time, a boy were selling newspapers saying “Earthquake in Japan! Heaven’s punishment!”. And this bad behavior continued when Noto earthquake and Amagasaki rail crash took place.

Many Japanese blogs and some magazines picked up those and translated to Japanese. So it is relatively known to Japanese internet users what Koreans’ been saying. Many Japanese were upset and began to hate Koreans. And some began to do the same to Koreans. Yeah, that’s the “kenkan ryuu” I think. Lately, Chinese blogs began to pick up those bad behaviors and comments of the Koreans. And I’m seeing the same ill-feeling toward Koreans among Chinese people as well. I think the more Chinese know about Koreans the more Chinese will begin to dislike Koreans if Koreans keep doing this kind of childish behaviors.

So, how about this time? I don’t see much Koreans celebrating Japanese death as much as I saw the last time. Koreans are growing up? Maybe. Or maybe Koreans began to realize they are making enemies around them. Or they are too busy beating up their president.

However, you can always find if you know where to look. If you read Hangul, enjoy.

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More Rumors, More Demagogy, More protests, More Violence, More Boycot, and now Witch hunts by citizens = Mass Hysteria

It’s just painful, pathetic and above all, stupid.

‘소고기 민심’ 이번엔 불매운동
맥도날드 등 전방위 확산

여기에 네티즌들은 최근 르까프, 신선설농탕, 목우촌 등이 “보수 언론 광고를 자제하겠다”고 나서자 “물건 많이 사주자”라는 글과 함께 “아직 남은 업체가 몇 군데 있다. 리스트를 업데이트해 달라”고 인터넷을 통해 시시각각 상황을 올리고 있다.

Boycotting American products and Macdonald’s(even if the accusation was false).

앞 서 개그우먼 정선희씨는 자신이 진행하는 라디오 프로그램에서 촛불집회와 관련해 부정적인 언급을 했다는 이유로 네티즌들이 프로그램 협찬사와 정씨 광고주에 대한 불매운동을 벌였다. 정씨는 항의전화를 견디다 못해 결국 6일 사과방송을 한 뒤, 소속사를 통해 프로그램 하차 의사를 밝혔다.

Mass protests against a radio reporter who spoke negatively about the violent protest. (McCarthyism or witch hunt, you name it. This is not the only example)

‘촛불파도타기’로 지구촌도 “들썩”
6개국 9개 도시에서 “우리도 날 잡았어요”

“Let’s light up the world village with our candle lights! We’re planning at 9 big cities in 6 countries”

Oh boy, what good does it do? That only shows how crazy Koreans are to the rest of the world…


And, as usual in Korean society, those who speak rationally will be dealt with fists.

Those who don’t agree will be fucked!! (Remember this?)

Yet another Uriginal – Soy source

First of all, since the wikipedia article for Uriginal has been deleted permanently, I have to define what Uriginal is.

Uriginal is mintage of Korea ” Uri(Korean) + original “

Korean believes that it is uriginal. But it isn’t always “true”.

Soccer is uriginal.
Manga is Uriginal.
Karate is uriginal.
Kendo is uriginal.
Samurai is uriginal.

Urban Dictionary : Uriginal

For example, long before Sushi became popular world wide, Koreans used to make a fool of eating raw fish. However, once Sushi became “Cool”, they started claim Sushi originates from Korea.

美식당가, 日정부 ‘일식’ 인증추진에 코웃음

그는 “스시와 사시미는 원래 중국과 한국에서 유래했기 때문에” 일본은 스시가 자기들의 음식문화라고 주장할 권리가 없다면서 “일본은 2차대전 이후에 스시를 먹기 시작했지만 한국과 중국은 수천년간 스시와 사시미를 만들어 왔다”고 주장했다.

In this article, a owner of Sushi restaurant “Ginza Sushi” in LA, Jerry Kim said

“Sushi and Sashimi came from Korea and China. Japanese started to eat Sushi after 1945, and they don’t have no rights to claim about Sushi”.

He isn’t the only Korean to say such a bullshit. I’ve had enough stupid fantasic stories about it.

I can give you numerous examples like this. If you read “Korea and Her Neighbors” you’ll notice that Koreans don’t have a history of drinking tea at all. But, today they claim sado (which is an art, and spiritual zen way of serving and drinking tea) originates from Korea. How could they so arrogant and ignorant? One can only guess. If you read books such as Korea and Her Neighbors by Isabella Lucy Bird or Histoire de L’Eglise de Corée by Claude Charles Dallet, You’ll know. They did not have any of those traditions. So they have to CREATE HISTORY and TRADITIONs today otherwise they feel.. what crazy? inferior? I don’t know. Probably it’s the deeply rooted HAN or inferior complex.

A typical Korean would answer “the evil Japs took away from us!” Heck. Those books were written way before Japan annexed Korea.

They did not have Kendo(or Kumdo), Sado, Kado, Judo, Karate, Origami, Matsuri, Sakura, or any of those things.

Korean invented Chinese characters?

Taekwondo is a ripp off, but we don’t remember that

Korean invented everything

This time, a new target is Soy source.

동은FC는 우선 간장소스부터 출시할 계획이다. 세계시장에서 우리나라 전통 발효식품인 간장이 마치 일본 것으로 인식되는 것을 고치겠다는 포부다. 초기에는 일본 간장소스를 벤치마킹해 세계시장에 연착륙 한 뒤 차차 세계인의 입맛을 바꿔나갈 계획이라고 회사 측은 소개한다. 2년 내 미국 애너하임에 지사를 설립할 계획이다.

간장은 한국이 원조 ‘일본간장 잡겠다

You don’t like the fact Kikkoman is the de-fact synonym for soy source, huh? You wanna proclaim that Korea is the true father and the originator of Soy source huh? Fu*ck. Original Soy Source came from ancient China.

A new submarine called An Jung-geun

South Korea just launched the latest submarine and named it after “Jap-killer” An Jung-geun.

This only reveals the absence of historical figures in Korea. And it is like “those who killed Japanese for whatever reasons are our heroes”. They’ve gotta a navy ship called “Dokdo“. Now, what else do they need? lol

About the Korean obsession of “Jap killer”, read following posts.

An Jung-geun is not a XXX! He’s a general

“An Jung-geun for Korean new banknote”

“Who was Kim Gu? I think he was just a psycho.”

Korean Democracy is dead? Give me a break.

A whole lot of Korean kids are screaming everywhere “Korean democracy is dying!”.

WTF? It’s just a bunch of stupid violent kids illegally demonstrating all fucking night. And they got asses kicked which they well deserve.

Just like I said, they started victimize themselves. I hate to say it, BUT I SAID SO. Through out the “5 billion years of Corean history” all they did was victimizing themselves.

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