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Collective Hypnosis on East Sea

I’m fed up with this. But, to tell you the truth, I enjoy watching this at the same time. 🙂

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[IHO] Final concludion on East Sea and Sea of Japan controversy

There seems to be some confusion regarding East Sea/Sea of Japan issue and IHO’s decision, especially because only Korean media and ROK gov’t are making the fuss over it.

So, a few people have contacted the ministry of foreign affairs and asked what exactly happened. The information [in Japanese] was verified by independent sources.

So, taking that under consideration, here is what I think happened.

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East Sea is Pig Fart

I finally figured out why Japan don’t like the name East Sea!

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VANK gets ready to black mail IHO

If IHO adopts “Sea of Japan” without “East Sea”, VANK would start international activities to destroy the authority and international reputation of IHO, they say.

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“Japan must accept East Sea as a friend” says the Blue House

What friendship? Like burning Japanese flags? Accusing Japan for no valid reasons?

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“Japanese dirty shameless lobby”

I heard numerous times Korean newspapers and Korean people said “Japanese dirty shameless lobby” on East Sea/Sea of Japan and IHO issue.

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Japanese Embassy in South Korea issued warning


It seems some Korean nationalistic organization is planning an Anti-Japanese demonstration regarding East Sea/Sea of Japan (What a shameless coward!). So the Japanese Embassy just issued a warning to Japanese people in South Korea.

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