The Echo Chamber Effect at Work – David McNeill and Martin Fackler 

David McNeill, Jake AdelsteinMartin Fackler, and other similarly biased journalists are all connected via Twitter and creating the Echo Chamber Effect. And they refused to admit they were wrong even though their claims were proven to be false.

When journalists lose objectivity, they lose their credibility.

[Related posts]It’s obvious. Jake Adelstein, David McNeill and Martin Fackler are creating The “Echo Chamber” Effect. lol

Racism in English speaking Journalists


English translation of Datsu-a-Ron

For some reason, I could not find any English translation of Datsu-a-Ron (Wikipedia entry) on the web. So I decided to give it a try…for sake of practicing English.

Here is the first portion. And I just finished the second portion. Well, actually I’m not done yet. They are just drafts. I know there are whole bunch of mistakes need to be fixed. Some lines may be weird, childish, etc.

Help wanted! Please drop a comment if you could help improve the text.

I’m thinking to apply the Creative Commons to the text if it is possible so that anyone can use it for whatever people want.