“Korean created Aztec and Inca civilization”

Here is another story in the “Korean created everything” uri nara manse series!!

“Korean Created China and Japan”…

Korean invented everything

Korean invented Chinese characters?

Taekwondo is a ripp off, but we don’t remember that

“Korean history is 5000 years old” business

“Korean history is 10,000 years old”

Japanese toy, “Korean invention!”

Korean train is the first among Asia….

“Korea’s WiBro” or WiMAX – not so Korean

the list goes on.

“A Korean professor claims Ancient Korean created Aztec and Inca civilization” And he will publish the paper in May at convention in the U.S in May 2008.

“우리민족이 아즈텍·잉카문명 세웠다” – 배재대 손성태 교수 논문서 주장


우리 민족이 기원전 베링해를 건너 중남미의 아즈텍문명과 잉카문명을 건설했다는 주장이 제기돼 관심을 끌고 있다.
배재대 손성태(孫成泰·43) 스페인어·중남미학과 교수는 21일 경기도 파주 출판단지에서 열린 국어학회 겨울학술대회에서 ‘중남미 고대어에 나타난 우리말 흔적―아즈텍 문명과 잉카 문명은 우리 조상의 것이었다’는 논문을 통해 이같이 주장했다.
손 교수는 그 증거로 문장구조, 조사, 개별단어 등 여러 측면에서 나와틀(Nahuatl)어와 케추아(Quechua)어에 우리말의 흔적이 매우 많이 남아있다고 밝혔다. 나와틀어는 아즈텍문명을 건설한 부족의 언어로 지금도 멕시코 등 중미지역에서 약 200만명이 사용하고 있다. 케추아어는 잉카제국을 건설한 부족의 언어로 남미에서 약 700만명이 사용 중이라고 손 교수는 설명했다.
논문에 따르면, 문장구조의 경우 ‘주어+목적어+동사’로 어순이 일치하며 주어의 생략이 가능한 것으로 나타났다. ‘가/이, 의, 을/를, 에서, 와/과, 로, 로부터, 끼리’ 등의 조사를 사용하며 그 종류와 쓰임새도 우리말과 일치하고 있다. 우리말이 그대로 남아있는 경우도 여럿 있다. ‘나와틀’이라는 말 자체가 나와(나)+틀(복수형어미 ‘들’) 즉, ‘우리’가 지금도 남아있는 예라는 것이다. 아즈텍(Aztec) 역시 스페인어 발음으로는 ‘아스떽’이며, 이는 곧 ‘아사달’이라고 했다. 날(nal), 오다(wala), 가다(ga), 여기(ye), 누구나(noo’yuna), 어제(izi’i) 등도 우리말과 일치한다.

손 교수는 특히 지금까지 그 뜻이 정확히 알려지지 않은 아리랑에서 ‘아라리가’의 뜻도 찾아냈다고 주장했다. ‘alariga’(아라리가)란 말이 나와틀어에서는 ‘이렇게해서(영어의 thus)’의 뜻이라는 것. 그는 “따라서 ‘아라리가 났네’는 ‘그렇게해서 이겼네’의 뜻이며, 아리랑은 친선경기나 전쟁에서 이겼을 때 부르는 승리가 또는 승전가”라고 주장했다.
손 교수는 “직접적인 관련 없이 이처럼 공통점이 많기란 불가능하다”며 “세계 문화사를 다시 써야 할 정도로 깜짝 놀랄만한 큰 발견”이라고 주장했다.
손 교수는 “인류가 베링해협을 건너 미주 대륙으로 이동했을 것이라는 가설이 상당한 설득력을 가짐에도 불구하고 그동안 구체적인 증거가 없었다”며 “언어적 관점에서 그 증거를 찾아낸 셈”이라고 말했다. 그는 또 “내년 5월 이를 미국의 세계언어인류학회에서 발표할 예정이며 앞으로 연구팀을 만들어 체계적으로 연구하겠다”고 덧붙였다.

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How could they be


so stupid..


13 thoughts on ““Korean created Aztec and Inca civilization”

  1. Well, ponta san, many Korean professors claim similar Uri Nara Manse stuff I listed above, and Korean media advertise this kind of stuff. Eventually many Koreans take that seriously.

    So, what I meant by “they” are those Korean professors, Korean newspapers, editors, reporters, readers who don’t object this kind of craps, TV producers and those who believe them.

  2. Dear Ponta and Fuga (is there Punta and finga?
    Those claims are made based on scientific facts. For ex., from an old Incan tomb they found a girl’s mummy and they did a genetic analisys and the closest match in modern day is Korean.

    The Koreans also share the same ancestry as those who went West and found Sumeria – you heard this before.

    Are you ready for the Young Gun’s Original Discovery?

    Koreans are Apachi Indians too – the word “Apachi” means father in their Indian languange and in Korean Ah-puh-chi is father – this Indian tribe is known to be much father-oriented (like the Korean society) and very fierce and fight ’til the end.

  3. Young Gun,

    yadda yadda yadda.

    We all know the whole universe originates from Coreans. 😉

    ps. “they did a genetic analisys” The article does not even mention any analysis. The claim is just a speculation based on the grammatical similarity.

  4. Young Gun

    Out of curiosity, do you mind if I ask a question? Are you a 2nd gen Korean-American? You sound like a Korean, but you seem to be unable to read Hangul.

    BTW, thanks for hanging around this blog, even though you go little too far sometimes 😉

  5. Dear Ponta and Fuga (is there Punta and finga?
    Those claims are made based on scientific facts. For ex., from an old Incan tomb they found a girl’s mummy and they did a genetic analisys and the closest match in modern day is Korean.


  6. Fuga,

    I go too far ? You won’t know what integrity is so I can’t answer that. My question to you Fuga is why do you have an anti-Korean message board?

    I am of a mixed (Anglo-Korean) parentage born in Seoul and grew up there so I know English (educated) and Korean (self taught)

  7. Young Gun.


    Well, I don’t think this is anti-Korean at all. It is more like “anti-anti-[fill in the blank] of South Korea”.

    If I was an anti-Korean (or Korean hater) I would focus on the topics like the recent events “Korean kids raping Korean kids”, Korean crimes overseas, etc. But I don’t.

    What’s wrong with saying it is wrong to be [biased/brainwashed/stupid/ etc (read this blog for the rest)]

    What South Korea(and eventually most Koreans) is doing is wrong in many ways. Someone’s gotta say it because I like South Korea and I want South Korea to be a better country.

  8. Fuga and other Japanese people who think like him,

    Did you know that we don’t tell our chilren in US – in schools and at home how terrible it was to nuke Japan not just once but 2 times?

    Whenever I come across people like you I can’t help but to feel how deserving Japan was and has she it coming!
    (for dump japs like you, this paragraph is more harsh than the one before this LOL )

    I can only have faith there aren’t many dirtbags like you in Japan.

  9. Seems like Young Gun is showing the true colors of gookdom

    Gooks have contributed absolutely NOTHING to the development of civilization in Asia other than being just a conduit for the flow of what China created. Gooks are seriously just shit people who copy other countries’ culture technology and pass it off as their own. Then when they get called for it, they just start screaming and yelling about how they are superior and make up fabricated lies about how they are the progenitors of everything. It’s quite a comedic show. That’s why Japanese and probably Chinese consider gooks as being more for entertainment comic value rather than intellectual value.

  10. We don’t need to explain to this moron. Why did you bring these stories from Koreans? since you do not believe it. How stupid you are! Funny af. lmfao. If yo don’t believe what Koreans said or spoke, what’s the purpose of spreading what Koreans said? Idiot, Jomon DNA have you got?

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