Power Politics of the US vs China

The author of the “The Tragedy of Great Power Politics“, John Mearsheimer speaks about the inevitable war between the US vs China.

While I agree with his theory, I don’t like the fact that the US will, according to his theory, make Japan fight against the rising China in order to protect the interest of the US. It is called “offshore balancing” which is a geopolitical strategy. You know, “let them keep busy fighting each other”.

And it seems, in the beginning, he is intentionally provoking Chinese people.. you can watch the video. “Over the past 2 centuries, you were WEAK! China was weak. You were victimized! If you are powerful, nobody is fooling around with you. That’s what you(China) wanna do. Be a hegemon in the region” He is virtually saying China should crash Japan(“pear competitor”)… and of course, Korea(“buffer state“) will be just a play ground of foreign Powers… just like she always has been.

They theory dictates “We(the US) want China to have to worry about the other great powers in Asia“. So, in theory, the US encourages the conflicts between China and Japan or “use” Japan to counter the the Chinese aggression. Soviet Union employed the strategy before the WWII.

It will be very interesting to see how things will turn out. I don’t think there will be all out war in the nuclear “MAD” age though.

If Japan is too weak, the US and China are going to have to fight head to head(not really good for the peace in the region). If Japan becomes too strong, the US and China will crash japan(Henry Kissinger‘s been saying). So, what Japan should do is, while cooperating closely with the US and other Asian countries such as India and Vietnam, to keep the balance of power against China in order to keep the peace. And Japan should keep helping other Asian nations such as Philippines to be able to stand up against China. It’s a “containment” strategy baby!

China will do everything they can to push back including a info war against Japan to damage Japan-US alliance.

What about Korea? Korea has been either “playground of the foreign Powers” or “buffer state” between the foreign powers, and is a “tripwire” of conflicts.

Anyway, he is just great. Enjoy watching the video.


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