How its “history” is Created in South Korea

 “it is almost impossible to have an honest debate on these two subjects in Korea, so if you are a historian in the United States or another country and want access to Korean historians and archives, you either tow the Korean line on these two subjects or avoid them like the plague for fear of being ostracized.” [*]

That’s how “history” is created in South Korea. That’s why “historians” and “Journalists” in the West propagate those “created history” of South Korea. And that’s why it is very important to read historical witness accounts.

Imagine how a Japanese like me when I just want to talk about those issues with Koreans… “Korea fatigue” and “It’s Killing us all

Professor Park was criminally sued by the prosecute and her book was banned, and the another Korean professor Lee Young-hoon was physically attacked.

Professor Lee Young-hoon “argues that the number of comfort women and forced laborers is exaggerated in Korea’s textbooks and challenges the Korean’s common beliefs: “Japanese colonial rule and development has been considered an absolute evil”


And he was publicly forced to apologize.


How long will South Korea keep doing this?


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