Reading Jack London’ reports


“Royal Road a Sea of Mud”March 5, 1904, Jack London

The Korean has finer features, but the vital lack in his face is strength. He is soft and effeminate when compared with the strong breeds, and whatever strength has been his in the past has been worked out of him by centuries of corrupt government. He is certainly the most inefficient of human creatures, lacking all initiative and achievement, the only thing in which he shines is the carrying of burdens on his back. As a draught animal and packhorse he is a success.

The first weeks of a white traveler on Korean soil are anything but pleasant. If he be a man of sensitive organization he will spend most of his time under the compelling sway of two alternating desires. The first is to kill Koreans, the second is to commit suicide. Personally, I prefer the first.

OooKeey, that’s it man.. That’s more than politically incorrect…


See: more pictures.

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