100 years ago, “I’m glad that I’m not born Korean”

The former Japanese ambassador to South Korea has published a book titled “I’m glad I’m not born Korean”


The book written by Masatoshi Muto will hit Japanese shelves on June 1. It’s uncertain why Muto, once regarded as a pro-Korea Japanese diplomat, penned the controversially titled book.

“I’m glad that I’m not born Korean”

The title may be inspired by Natsume Sōseki who wrote the same thing after visiting Korea in 1909.

NATSUME Soseki (1867-1916) - a Japanese novelist, a scholar of British literature and composer of haiku poems. He has had a profound effect on almost all important Japanese writers since

SEE: the pictures of Korea at the time.

「余は幸にして日本人に生れたと云ふ自覚を得た」「余は支那人や朝鮮人に生れなくつて、まあ善かつたと思つた」(I thought I was fortunate because I’m not born as a Chinese or Korean)

韓満所感“(1909) by Natsume Sōseki

FYI, Datsu-A Ron was written in 1885.


History is repeating itself… Koreans really need to learn true history.


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