“Koreans hate THAAD!” Uh…What?

“Koreans hate THAAD!” read on banner. “Stop THAAD and give peace back to us” and “Stop US militarism in Asia & Pacific”.


Sounds like Koreans want to be a part(vassal state) of China once again. You gonna drop defense against enemy just because the enemy insist you to drop? Huh!

The Chinese have ballooned it into such a huge issue, that it’s now about SK sovereignty and freedom to make national security choices without a Chinese veto.

A US Senator Dick Durbin: “I basically said to him two things. We face tough budget times in Washington. We are cutting a lot of programs. And if South Korea does not want the Thaad missile system, it is $923 million that we can spend some other place,” he said during the interview held in central Seoul right after his meeting with Moon.

“Secondly, I believe that if I lived in South Korea, I would want as many missile defense systems as possible to protect against the hundreds of ballistic missiles which North Korea could rain on the South should war begin. I don’t understand why that feeling does not dominate this conversation. I think national security and defense should dominate,” he added.(*)

Japanese don’t care if China against it. Give us the THAAD if you don’t want it :-). China has been the biggest thread to Japan for thousands of years. The real question is that Korea once again goes under China “empire” or stand against China and keep Korea’s independence.

Korean traditional foreign policy was “sadaejuui 사대주의” – “Korea serving the great(China)”. Historically, Korea have never cooperated with “non-the great”. They treated “non-the great” as “barbarian” in the Sino–barbarian dichotom or Sinocentrism. (FYI, Japan don’t have this idea) Past decades, the US has been the South Korean “the great”.

Now, China becoming Korea’s new master.

And we all know what happened back in 19th century when “the great” fell and new “the great” arose .


—  Korea leaning to Japan, Russia, China … back and forth. .. Then every body say “Korea! which side you are on!?

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