How to deal with Korea


What South Korea has isn’t “anti-Japan sentiment”.

South Korea is surely taking advantage of “anti-Japanism” or “Japan-bashing” phenomenon existed in the Western countries. But it’s got totally different origin. The most western media and scholars jumps to the easiest explanation; “It must be the Japanese colonial rule”. But, no. South Korea is just using it as an excuse. It’s deep and complex.

Today, what South Korea is doing is “Disparage Japan” and/or “Discredit Japan” movement driven by their insecurity/inferior complex. They teach their kids to hate Japan in order to unite the country. And South Korea propagates false accusations or plain lies everyday for decades until Japan falls in fatigue. The aim is to take Japan’s place in the international community.

That is certainly not the way to earn the respect.

Why should Japanese like such country and cooperate with them? Should Japanese hate Korea? Should we go out and protest? No, that is not the way Japanese do.

The best way to deal with such a country for Japanese is to make fun of them.;-)


*Note: This book was published in 2006. Title: “President Roh Moo Hyun’s frantic remarks – South Korea proudly presents to the world”


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