Korean 5 injustice (5대 비리) and Kang Kyung-wha

President Moon Jae-in had pledged to avoid appointing ranking officials who committed “5 injustice” or (5대 비리) which are military service evasion, real estate speculation, tax evasion, false residence registration, and academic plagiarism.

Now, Foreign Minister nominee Kang Kyung-wha has been accusing of 4 injustice during the parliamentary confirmation process. She is woman, so “military service evasion” is not apply. Anyhow, she has been accused of violating every injustice Moon promise to eliminate.(*1 , *2)

The funny thing is, despite the violations, Moon administration is trying to push Kang Kyung-wha for the Foreign Minister.

“Kang was nominated despite these problems as she was deemed the best diplomatic chief in current circumstances,” said Cho, the personnel affairs secretary.  (*3)

What happened to the Moon’s public promise to the nationals?

In my opinion, it will be very very difficult to find appropriate person in South Korea because the established, elite class South Koreans are mostly violating at least one of the 5 injustice.


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