Korean “Sex Slaves” for the US Soldiers

On June 25, 2014, 122 women sued the Korean government, claiming that they were forced to engage in sexual intercourse for money for members of the United States military who were stationed in Korea after the Korean War cease-fire in 1957. (*2)

Those “sex slaves” said they were forced by the South Korean government to be “sex slaves” for the US soldiers and deceived by the Korean dealers and sold by the Koreans and enslaved by Korean brothel owners.

Sounds familiar?

Known derogatorily in Korean society as “western princesses”, for over 45 years, many poor women have been drawn to the bases in hopes of better lives, often deceived by false job ads, while some women have even been kidnapped. Once in the military “camptowns”, it is difficult to escape. Most become burdened by debts to club owners and pimps, and considered “ruined” women, they are unable to
re-enter Korean society.

Update as of 2009:
With more job possibilities in the cities, and a stronger won, the camptowns saw a decrease in Korean women, and club owners began trafficking in foreign women. For a period of time,Russian women were increasing in the area, but now, principally Filipina women, many who thought they were being recruited as entertainers, singers and dancers, are in the camptowns. In their cases, as they are beholden to their employer for their stay in Korea, deportation is an additional threat to their existence.(*1)

“The United State government has always formally declined and has formally prohibited the American service personal from frequenting prostitution or public association with prostitutes. That’s the official policy. The unofficial policy was simply look the other way while it goes on.



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