Need a new term for “Pro-Japanese scare”

In South Korea, anyone who are accused of being “pro-Japanese(친일파 or Chinilpa)” are treated as a “traitor”, and those who are descendants of the “pro-Japanese” are also “traitors” and socially exterminated.

This is because the original “pro-Japanese” are those who “sold” Korea to Japan back in 1910 when Japan (had to)  annexed Korea. The famous one is Ye Wanyong who signed the annexation treaty. There were, in fact, a lots of Koreans who thought annexation was necessary at that time. In recent years, Kim Hwal-lan became Chinilpa because of her collaborations during Japanese period.

And even today, South Korea is sooo afraid of “pro-Japanese” and insists on purging of “pro-Japan” out of South Korean society. It is as if Koreans might “sold” their country again unless they hate/accuse Japan constantly. They are afraid of Korea breaks apart itself because of their insecurity/inferior complex.

This “Pro-Japanese scare” became “Korean identity”.

The latest victims of this is Park Yu-ha. Anyone who questions the South Korean legitimate certified narrative is considered a traitor and being attack by the government and activists and even the media. Even, ex-president Park and the foreign minister were called “pro-Japanese(Chinilpa)” because she signed the agreement with Japan.

So, I want a new term for this. The movement in the US, back in 1947 and 1956, were called “red scare“.

What do we call this “Pro-Japanese scare” phenomenon?

“Roh Moo-hyunism”? uh…not quite right…

Japanophobia? … not enough to describe the specific situation in Korea.






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