North Korean defectors in South Korea are afraid of Moon


We should be very worried about Moon Jae-in
May 15, 2017

Is South Korea’s new president, Moon Jae-in, forming a cabinet or a politburo? As I’ve written here, there is long been good reason to be worried. Moon has a long association with Minbyun, the hard-left lawyers’ group that is acting as Pyongyang’s law firm in South Korea by using the courts to wage lawfare against refugees, in violation of their human rights. He was chairman of the campaign of Roh Moo-hyun, the “anti-American” and “a little crazy” president who rode to power on the shoulders of a violent mob that attacked, spat on, and threw firebombs at American soldiers. As Roh’s Chief of Staff, Moon decided to seek Pyongyang’s input before abstaining from a U.N. resolution denouncing severe human rights abuses against its people, and then lied about it. – See more at:

The most alarming development of all may be Moon’s choice of Im Jeong-seok as his Chief of Staff. Im was jailed in the 1980s for three-and-a-half years after accompanying North Korea propaganda star Lim Soo-kyung (now a lawmaker in Moon’s party, and discussed in this OFK post for a drunken 2012 tirade against North Korean defectors and human rights activists) during an illegal visit to Pyongyang.

Yeah… A few days ago, right after the election, North Korean defectors showed up in Japanese news TV and said the same thing.. One of them even mentioned that she wants a help from Japan and she might have to defect from South Korea to Japan.

North Korea ex-defector wants to defect from South Korea

10日放送の「情報ライブ ミヤネ屋」(日本テレビ系)で、韓国滞在の脱北者が、新大統領の誕生を受けて日本への亡命を訴える場面があった。






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