It is Koreans that don’t want to solve problems

I’ve been saying this for more than 10 years and written many times that it is Koreans that don’t want to solve problems. Koreans just want to have troubles or even fabricate the issue in order to accuse Japan and feel morally superior to Japan. It is Koreans making all the troubles and making a loud voices.

Moon offers no promise on ‘comfort women’ deal

May 12, 2017 4:50 am JST – Nikkei Asian Review

But the leaders did not delve deeply into the topic of comfort women, such as the possibility of a renegotiation. Abe sees commitment to the 2015 deal designed to “finally and irreversibly” conclude the issue as nonnegotiable. He even recalled the ambassador to South Korea for about three months after a statue representing the women was installed in front of the Japanese Consulate in Busan last December.

Both countries must “take the responsibility to carry out the deal” that was praised by the international community, Abe said, according to those close to the prime minister. He avoided using strong language and kept silent on the statue, which Japan’s government wants removed.

Moon, on the other hand, explained that the majority of South Koreans emotionally find it hard to accept the deal, according to sources. Though Moon did not call for renegotiating or scrapping the deal as he had during his campaign, the new president also fell short of reaffirming his nation’s commitment to it.

“Moon, on the other hand, explained that the majority of South Koreans emotionally find it hard to accept the deal,” Dah! It was YOU (Moon and other Korean political leaders) who stirred up and incited the ignorant public saying “the statue is a symbol of the true independence”.


And now Moon uses “sentiment of the people” as diplomatic card. Well, it is YOUR job to convince YOUR people.

Moon’s rise to power in S Korea causes worries, hopes abroad

Published May 10, 2017 Associated Press

After the obligatory congratulations, Japan is cautiously watching to see how relations with South Korea evolve under Moon, known for his tough stance on wartime history and territorial issues.

Moon’s more conciliatory approach to North Korea adds to uncertainty in bilateral and trilateral cooperation with the United States, given Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s vocal support for Trump’s increased pressure on the North.

Japan is particularly concerned about the “comfort women” issue, a legacy of Japanese atrocities during the war that still haunts relations between the two sides. Moon opposes a 2015 agreement signed by Park that was heralded as a final settlement for Korean women who were among many sexually enslaved in Japanese military brothels before and during World War II. Moon has called for a renegotiation of the pact.

The two countries are also at odds over a “comfort woman” statue that was built outside the Japanese consulate in the southern South Korean city of Busan after the agreement was signed.

Moon has also raised skepticism over closer security cooperation with Japan, such as a bilateral military information sharing agreement, and emphasized Seoul’s territorial claim on a disputed island between the two countries.

“Will Mr. Moon pursue a ‘pro-North, anti-Japan’ stance?” the conservative Yomiuri newspaper said in an editorial Wednesday. South Korea plays a crucial role in regional stability, it said. “We hope the new administration values cooperation with Japan and the U.S. and develops realistic security and foreign policies.”

And I agree with the notion : “I would not be surprised if Moon keeps this deal in place for now and only cancels it when it is politically expedient for him. For example if some scandal happens during his Presidency he can divert attention by cancelling this deal. It is basically just like the ROK politicians who play the Dokdo card to divert attention during a controversy.”

If you wanna know what Comfort Woman is really, I suggest you read this book.



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