Good suggestions, but


NYT – An Agenda for South Korea’s New Leader

South Korea and Japan could work together much more to show a united front. Such coordination is undercut by persistent tension over the history of Japanese colonialism in Korea. South Korea’s historical concerns with Japan have legitimate roots, but there is too much exaggeration — such as routine suggestions in the media that Japan is remilitarizing with designs on Asia — and not enough recognition that modern Japan is a liberal democracy and a potential ally against the North.

Seoul and Tokyo should agree to avoid separate deals with the North and reject Pyongyang’s efforts to play them against each other. Mr. Moon and his left-wing base are hostile to a recently signed South Korea-Japan intelligence-sharing pact, but he should consider that South Korea benefits from it more than Japan. Military cooperation in adjoining air and sea spaces would be ideal.

I’m sorry Mr Kerry. What you are saying is all true, but sadly, Koreans are not rational people when it comes to Japan.

Korea loves Japan and Korea has always wanted to be LIKE Japan so much, but Koreans don’t want to BE (or can’t be) Japanese. So, they have to hate/accuse Japan constantly, otherwise Korea breaks apart itself because of their insecurity/inferior complex.

In fact, South Korea copied the way and followed Japan’s foot steps very thoroughly. And today, lots of Koreans move to Japan or the US or Australia. They are leaving their country (‘Hell Joseon’). Only thing the Korean government can do to unite their nationals is to teach their kids to hate Japan.

Japanese have learned that in hard ways. So, we do not expect anything from Koreans and we do not take them seriously anymore.



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