South Korea today

Japanese ambassador to South Korea has been recalled for more than 2 month.

Japan suspended talks on a currency swap with South Korea.

North Korea just launched 4 missiles into the Sea of Japan today. (And also Malaysia just kicked North Korean ambassador out of Malaysia)

China’s Sanctions over THAAD…

The US’s ambassador to South Korea is not yet even assigned.

The president of South Korea is suspended and found “guilty”

South Korea’s biggest company Samsung’s leader is found guilty too.

But the people is busy with demonstrations(they say it is a revolution) against the president and the court! while doing pro-Japan witch hunt..

Come on… you are losing your country…

But I must say “You got what you deserve”….

Like I said,

The situation of the East Asia is becoming more and more like back in 1894. The instability of Korea provoked Chinese and Japanese interference and started Sino-Japanese War, and invited Russian Empire and began Russo-Japanese War . Finally, Japan had to annexed it.

Japan has learned not to touch Korea since. So, this time, Japan will not, do not want to, take any action to, or involved with, Korea. The lesson was, do not help Korea because Korea will always betray you and accuse you later.

Now, the US has to deal with Korea. South Korean president Roh Moo-hyun who once said “What’s wrong with me being anti-America” demanded to return the US’s “Operational Control During Wartime” to South Korea from the US and the US agreed. Later, president Lee Myung-bak postponed it, then again president Park Geun-hye postponed it forever. Yes, as if South Korea does not want to take resposibility in order to blame the US in the future.

So, my advice to the US is that whatever you do, do it under the name of UN.

For once in your history, do something by yourself, Koreans!

1894 all over gain..


While Korea faces unusual domestic circumstances with the impending decision of the Constitutional Court on the impeachment of President Park Geun-hye, there is mounting criticism over the amateurism in the government’s approach to handling foreign affairs toward the United States, China and Japan.

The Korean Embassy in Beijing is in a state of emergency because of China’s backlash to the decision to deploy the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (Thaad) system. Chinese authorities, including its Commerce Ministry, have been refusing to meet with Korean Ambassador to Beijing Kim Jang-soo for months now.

Despite Pyongyang’s continued provocations, the South Korean government is also facing setbacks in getting its voice heard in Washington these days with a new U.S. administration, and is almost being excluded from major discussions amid policy-forming on the North Korea nuclear and missile problem.



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