More ‘comfort woman’ statues to be installed


HAHAHA. I can’t stop laughing. How stupid they can be?

I wanna see comfort woman statues at every corners of Korean streets and mini-statues in every houses in Korea. .. only to show the world how South Korea is a cult like country.

More ‘comfort woman’ statues to be installed in Seoul [VIDEO+PHOTOS]

Posted : 2017-03-01 16:40

More statues symbolizing former sex slaves will be set up in Seoul by August amid growing tensions between Korea and Japan over the issue of comfort women mobilized for Japanese troops before and during World War II.

The move comes after the Ministry of Foreign Affairs requested a district office in Busan last month to relocate the statue in front of the Japanese Consulate there, after it became a source of friction with Tokyo.

In January, the Japanese government recalled its ambassador to Korea in protest of Seoul’s “failure to remove the statue.”

But more statues are set to be installed. Seoul’s district offices of Dobong, Gangseo and Geumcheon are set to have them set up by Liberation Day on Aug. 15, marking Korea’s 1945 liberation from Japanese occupation.

The statues are being set up to protest a deal reached between the two countries in December 2015, in which the Japanese government provided 1 billion yen to help the victims but did not acknowledge its legal responsibility for its wartime atrocity.

But, I’m worried that someday, when all those kids grow up, some might think “it’s ok to rape Japanese women” because Japanese once done this etc.

Not healthy education for kids, not at all.


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