South Korean society today

In South Korean society today, all the Koreans must hate Japan and get rid of “Japan remnant(일제잔재)”, otherwise you are a traitor to Koreans and they will shut you up. Because “Pro-Japan” Koreans “sold Korea to Japan in 1910”, “Pro-Japan” are traitors and anything good Japan has done is concealed.

They just can’t stand the fact that Korean independence from China(Sino) was GIVEN by Japan in 1895 , again the independence from Japan was GRANTED by the UN(the US) in 1945. They just want to deny the facts or show that those were not because of Korea’s inability.

South Korea today even DISREGARD her own Laws in order to undermine Japan. It’s out of control.

You can’t reason with those people.

They create fantasy of their own and drawing in it.

It’s pathetic, but sometimes, amusing.



Wait, don’t blame them. They are just trying to be “good KOREAN citizens” in the “Japan-hate-is-a virtue” society just like North Koreans do.

or just “An actress trying to make money” 🙂


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