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June 16, 2008

Jon Carter Covell is a Joke

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A few Japanese bloggers (here and here) have just picked up a claim that Sen no Rikyū was a second or third generation Korean.

Little known fact, but today’s elaborate Japanese tea ceremony owes a lot to Sen Rikyū, who was second or third generation Korean Japanese. Sen’s last name would be Korean Romanized as Ch’on.

No internet link, but I got it from here:



Sounds familiar? I’ve wrote a lot about it.

blood obsession

blood obsession – revisited

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Korean invented Chinese characters?

“Korean Created China and Japan”…

Taekwondo is a ripp off, but we don’t remember that

Korean invented everything

The uri nara manse syndrome

In fact, Jon Carter Covell’ book “Korean Impact on Japanese Culture: Japan’s Hidden History” is very famous among Koreans and they wave the book like the Bible or Qur’an.

However, the author has less credibility than Benjamin Fulford. … meaning the author has NO credibility whatsoever. She was not even a historian. I doubt she was able to read Hanja(Chinese) and Japanese. And if you can’t read those languages, you are not entitled to talk about Korean history since Korean historical documents are written in Hanja and Japanese.

I’ve seen so many ridicules Korean articles based on the book. Any descent Korean experts know the book is a joke. But, the problem is that a few non-experts take it seriously. It is sad sad to see those who believe Korean propaganda. Korean web is full of it as you see in the beef protest.

Those Korean ridicules view of history (or fantasy) is spreading from Korean web to the English web.. Watch out.


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