A new submarine called An Jung-geun

South Korea just launched the latest submarine and named it after “Jap-killer” An Jung-geun.

This only reveals the absence of historical figures in Korea. And it is like “those who killed Japanese for whatever reasons are our heroes”. They’ve gotta a navy ship called “Dokdo“. Now, what else do they need? lol

About the Korean obsession of “Jap killer”, read following posts.

An Jung-geun is not a XXX! He’s a general

“An Jung-geun for Korean new banknote”

“Who was Kim Gu? I think he was just a psycho.”


One thought on “A new submarine called An Jung-geun

  1. I saw the movie “The Pianist” for the first time 2 weeks ago. This is yet another Holocaust film set in WW II. From this film I learned that the Germans too made the Jews bow to them in public like the backward Japs did the same thing to the Koreans at a gunpoint.

    In once scene this German soldier beat up an old Jewish guy badly on the street just becuase he walked by without bowing.

    The film is highly recommended for anyone who did not see it and it is about the Jewish/Polish underground resistance agaisnt the Axis powers. The Nazi’s atrocities were much like the Jap’s in many ways and there can never be too many Ahn Joong-Geun’s or Kim Goo’s.

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