It’s a riot….

I’m watching a live footage of a riot in South Korea right now. It’s 2 :10 am.


Oh boy… Someone must be getting hurt.

It looks to me people are intentionally provoking the police and having fun. But, in the end, they will accuse the use of excessive force by police or whatever. I’m sure they(rioters) will try to victimize themselves. In a way, that became a “Korean way”.


WOW. It’s 2:33. The streaming has been shut down right after I saw an ambulance! Both of the links are now dead. That was weird…


2:50 am The first link is up again. Seems like a news reporter (women) got hurt. Detail unknown. <- This turned out to be one of the many false rumors.

Democracy Dying in South Korea

Huh? I think South Korean just don’t understand what “democracy” is all about. MANY South Koreans says democracy is demonstration. Stupid. Violent demonstration and riot are nothing to do with democracy.

This is not about US beef. This is more complex. I think pro-north leftist is behind all this, but the problem lies within the people who are easily manipulated by propaganda. I hate to say it, but South Koreans tend to become irrational as I mentioned before.


One thought on “It’s a riot….

  1. The communist influence from North Korea is growing in SK right now. This new president has revealed all of the enemies hidden faces. This mad cow demonstrations are nothing but lies.
    Please pray for Korea, and pray for this president.

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