Korean education leads to mass hysteria and ochlocracy

Anyone who are reading Korean newspapers must have already known that whole lot of Koreans going crazy over beef.

South Korean internet geeks trigger panic over US ‘tainted beef’ imports Times

They May Already Have vCJD Korea Times

A short clip

I hear a lots of insane rumors from Koreans.

The spread of groundless rumors and exaggerated facts through Web portals has amplified public angst over controversial issues.

Many of the groundless scare stories successfully make a provocative emotional appeal to Web users, often putting a heavy burden on the new administration. Given the political hue of these stories, some have raised questions over who have instigated such scares in the first place.

Scare Stories Online Take Toll on People The Dong-A ilbo

Newspapers did not help. Some Korean media reported mad cow disease was as contagious as AIDS.

I’m browsing through the Korean web right now and It’s a chaos and full of demagogues.

The last time I saw this kind of candlelight rallies was when worshipers of Hwang Woo-Suk demanded he should continue his work even though his work had been proven to be fake.

Again, it seems Koreans just stopped thinking all of sudden. However, this is NOT surprising for me at all.

Here is an editorial in the Chosun Ilbo that only further validates my belief of how Korean children’s ability to critically think is hampered by their own educational system that allows nonsense like this to be taught in the classroom:

The North Chungcheong Province chapter of the Korean Teachers and Education Workers’ Union posted on its Internet homepage materials its member teachers can use to get students to oppose the import of U.S. beef. The material says mad cow disease stems from greedy Americans who raise cattle in “very unsanitary” conditions by keeping them holed up in pens. The chapter of the left-wing teachers’ union instructed members to pick up copies of visual materials and CDs related to mad cow disease. Postings by visitors on the union’s homepage include claims that instant noodles, pills, sanitary napkins and even chocolate snacks can transmit mad cow disease. [Chosun Ilbo]


Yes, anyone who are familiar with Korean education would realize something is very wrong.

They have been also teaching fake history and lying to kids.. fueling ugly nationalism..racial superimacism.. And Critical thinking and logical argument have been set aside.

All that Korean anti-Japan, anti-Americanism came from ignorance and lack of good education.

Compare this weeks Korean hysteria to this one and this one.

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