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May 8, 2008

Was Kim Gu a psycho? – Answer to Ms Kim

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Who was Kim Gu? I think he was just a psycho.

are you kidding?
“I think Kim Gu was just a psycho..”
on what ground is he a psycho?

“Kim Gu proudly wrote in his autobiography that he killed an innocent man and drunk the blood and painted his face with the fresh blood…:
Paekpom Ilchi: The Autobiography of Kim Ku at Amazon.com”

on which page did he write in the book about him killng innocent man proudly?
have ever had chance to read his book?

Comment by Minjung Kim

On which page did he write in the book about him killing innocent man proudly, you ask?

Kim Gu killed an innocent Japanese man

Original Text:

나는 그 칼을 집어 왜놈의 머리에서 부터 발끝 까지 점점이 난도를 쳤다. 이월 추운 새벽이라 빙판이 진 땅 우에 피가 샘 솟듯 흘렀다. 나는 손으로 그 피를 움퀴어 마시고 또 왜의 피를 내 낯에 바르고 피가 뚝뚝 떨어지는 장검을 들고 방으로 들어가면서

English Translation:

I took the sword and hit the Jap(왜놈 waenom) over and over from his head to toe. It was cold February mourning, his blood ran like a river on the frozen street. I took up with blood with my hands and drunk it. And I painted my face with the Jap(wae)‘s blood. I then went back to the room with the bloody sword..,

Japanese Translation


His biography 白凡逸志 printed in 1948.

And here is another edition.

His biography 白凡逸志 printed in 1973.

If you read the book, you’d notice Kim Gu also wrote that “I felt like drinking, but I already drunk stomach full of Jap’s blood today. ”

Minjung Kim, read the book by yourself before asking/accusing someone else, OK?

Funniest thing is that this stupid guy is becoming the national proudest face on the Korean bill.



Who did Kim ku kill?

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Who was Kim Gu? I think he was just a psycho.


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