The object of worship: from Sinocentrism to Kim cult – surprisingly similar

Japan PM: NKorea can’t ‘survive’ as independent, nuclear state

WASHINGTON (AFP) — Japanese Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda has warned that North Korea must renounce its nuclear weapons program if the Stalinist nation wants to “survive” as an independent state.

“Well, as an independent country, if it, North Korea, wishes to survive, then I think they need to give up their nuclear weapons and at the same time will think of their economic independence,” he said through an interpreter.

“And economically, since they have a regime that is totally different from our free regime and I don’t think you can call that an independent country, and the way they are, their country will sort of taper off and perhaps at the end of the day will disappear.”

Japan’s Prime Minister Fukuda Warns of Chinese Military Buildup

Fukuda said North Korea would have difficulty surviving as an independent country unless it gives up nuclear weapons and frees its economy.

“I don’t think they can really become truly independent with their current stance as a very closed, hermit country. The people will be very unhappy, miserable,” Fukuda said. “The way they are, their country will sort of taper off and perhaps at the end of the day will disappear.”

On March 16, 1885

In my view, China and Korea cannot survive as independent nations with the onslaught of modern civilization to the East if they keep the way they are. There is no doubt that ruins and divisions of countries are inevitable unless noble men of reform appear in these two countries and manage to reform the countries from top to down just like the Meiji Restoration. It is because locking self up in a closed room and shutting the air flow avoiding the wave of modern civilization, will only suffocate themselves.

Today’s North Korea is surprisingly similar to the pre-Japan era of Chosun Korea(Joseon Dynasty) in many ways…

This time, Japan will try to avoid being involved in Korea, so eventually, in the future, N Korea might be absorbed into Chinese empire again. Of course it could be S Korea, who knows. I really hope S Korea will absorb N Korea in the future. But the problem is that South Koreans today don’t like the idea of reunification.


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