Korean invented everything

Koreans are known to claim [fill in this blank] originates from Korea. And that’s pissing some off, and some laugh at Koreans.

This is the one thing, among many, I want to find out why and where this tendency came from. I’m just curious. I suspect that the uri nara manse syndrome just went too far.

Here is the latest example.

China:Korean professor under catcalls from Global Voices

On 31st, October, several Chinese portal websites released the news: the Korean professor Zheng Zaishu in Ehwa University suggested that, contrasted with the common sense, the Chinese mythology mainly originated from Korea. His theory was based on the fact that many gods mentioned in Chinese mythology Legends of Mountains and Seas could be found in Goguryeo frescos.

Korea is truly interesting. “uri nara manse syndrome“, “blood obsession“, “origin obsession”, Hwabyeong, generosity toward lies, etc etc

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5 thoughts on “Korean invented everything

  1. Indeed, the ancient Koreans had conquered the whole universe, and in order to control their new gained territory effectively, they started mating like maniacs, hoping they would produce a population large enough to populate the conqured galaxies.

    Unfortunately, infighting broke up inevitably among ancient Korean warlords, leading to the division of once almighty Korean empire.

    Those UFOs frequently discovered are sent by some of the emperors trying to gather information about Earth, so they could plan attacks on Earth accordingly. The entire human race is descendant of ancient Koreans. And the Great Wall of current China, the Engyptian Pyramid, the Grand Canyon of the U.S. are just some of the relics of the ancient Korean civilization which flourished across the Milky Way.

  2. I am from China and I am not a patriot.
    I ask myself the following question:
    Since China was once their homeland,why did they leave it?
    Chased away by the Chinese?

    Another question: are they Chinese or Korean exactly?

    I think they must have invented the Egyptian hieroglyphic writing and then the Western Semitic writing on the basis of the former.

    The last question:

    Why don’t the French and the German claim to have invented Greek and Latin civilizations?

    Shakespear is European before being British.
    Asians, why not to be as large-minded between yourselves as the Europeans between them?

  3. Let’s talk about the so called “european” inventions..oh they just stole all ideas from other civilization? And the so called big european expedition on 16 century while the chineese already had compass 4-5 century before the europeans could realize that they could make ships… what people say in the school is a thing…facts another thing

  4. And china.. stop copying and stealing ideas from other countries.. chinese are not very creative in this new modern world.. they lost their ability to make something new and creative.

  5. Yes, your right. Korea invented everything. And dear mr kevin. If you are not a pussy you would tell your country first. I am from South-Korea and im so proud of it. Whenever someone says something stupid and nonsense about my country I just get stronger in my mind. If you dont tell me your country you are just a pussy who is just jelous.

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