Wikipedia fiasco continues, part 2

As you know, many South Koreans go crazy about Wikipedia [1] if and only if “Japan” is the subject. And that attracts many interests from variety people. But no one seems to care about real subject related Korea. They do everything to bring down Japan and they do every thing to hide or do very little about the history of Korea.

For example, there is no article dedicated to the ideas of 사대주의(事大主義) and 책봉(冊封) in English version of Wikipedia, nor in Korean. Those terms/ideas are really really really basic stuff when you talk about Korean history and politics today. But they are missing from English and Korean version of Wikipedia.


The same thing goes with this one.

親日反民族行爲者 財産의 國家歸屬에 關한 特別法 (wikipedia Chinese article)
親日反民族行為者財産帰属特別 (wikipedia Japanese article)
The special law regarding the national reversion of the pro-Japan anti-Korean act (English none)
친일반민족행위자 재산의 국가귀속에 관한 특별법 (Korean none)

They are not something you need to hide. In fact, Korean newspapes and politicians often use them.[1, 2, 3 in Japanese] Even Richard Lee Armitage once used it.

脱“事大”志向の韓国で反米感情が高まるのは当然」 Richard Lee Armitage Interview by Chosun Ilbo (Japanese version of the article) Sep 27, 2006.


– Why do you think Anti-Americanism is becoming popular in South Korea?


“It is natural for South Koreans to have antagonistic feeling toward a bigger country when they are leaving 사대주의(事大主義) behind. “

Do you get that? without knowing what 사대주의 means?


Some dictionary translate 사대주의 as Flunkeyism, but that does not convey the full meanings, imho.



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