“Inside North Korea” to be broadcasted in South Korea

This is very good thing. Every single South Korean should watch it. “Inside North Korea” the National Geographic program will be broadcasted in South Korea June 1st 2007 10pm. I hope they don’t censor anything and show the whole thing. I watched it a few month ago, it’s good. I think it was already broadcasted in Japan a few weeks ago. You can watch a few clips on Youtube.

I sometimes wonder Japanese generally are the most knowledgeable about people in North Korea. (I mean generally. There are always those who show no interest in politics/international affairs) Some Chinese do get in and out of North Korea but China doesn’t air those TV program all over the country as long as I know. In contrast, Japan feels immediate thread from North Korea and there is no censorship or idealism on North Korea unlike in South Korea. And the past 10 years or so, Japanese TVs have been very interested in shooting and obtaining secret footages of North Korea. Japanese media, including newspapers, talk much more about North Korea than South Korea. And many North Korean defectors have visited Japan and talked about the reality of North Korea on TVs and claimed South Koreans didn’t show interest in them and people in North Korea. Also Hwang Jang-yop appeared in Japanese TV many times. He speaks very good Japanese by the way.

It was about 10 years ago, I clearly remember Japanese TV program aired on a Korean school girl who defected to China with her father and went to school disguising herself a Chinese. But one day, somehow her identity got revealed. Since then, she was repeatedly raped by her classmates. And everybody knew about it and ignored. Her father couldn’t do shit about it because if he went to the police, they would be sent back to North Korea. That’s what’s going on now. And it’s getting worse. (It was pre-Youtube era, so you probably won’t find it on the web. You gotta trust me on this. I watched it on TV.)

I always thought most South Korean didn’t know really what’s actually going on in North Korea. I asked many South Koreans how they think about North Korea before. They “kinda” know what’s going on. But, not really, especially younger people. Some revealed that “People(government, teachers, tv) say all kinds of good things too (about North), but we know what really going on …” They hear it, they read some, but documentary and acutual footage is way powerful.

Here is some of the recent Japanese TV programs[1] [and the one I blogged before] on North Korea to get you started.

Also Discovery Channel’s “Children of the Secret State” is very good one too. I highly recommend it.

I really do hope this TV program will crash majority of pro-Kim Jong-il leftists in South Korea. (Although, in my experience, they always find excuses and something(one) else to blame for…)


2 thoughts on ““Inside North Korea” to be broadcasted in South Korea

  1. Well, toru, I am not that optimistic about the program being appreciated in South Korea. Gramatically speaking South Korea is a liberal and democratic society without any censorship. But in reality their newspapers are regulated (thanks to the current president) and their public opinions are oftentimes skewed due to their “恨” towards a certain country, you know which…

  2. Yeah… In reality, You are probably right.

    I just don’t understand why 恨 could blind so many of them especially they love to talk about “Korean blood”, “northern brother” and the stuff happened more than 60 years ago. That’s truly inhuman…

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