more than 100 posts in a month

One month has past since I started this blog. I didn’t expect I could keep writing this long.

Reading some of the stuff I wrote, I feel like I’m an ignorant racist shit. But, hey, I didn’t make things up like Koreans do so often. It’s not my fault that many Koreans and ROK gov’t are extremely nationalistic and irrational about certain things. And some of the things are way beyond my imagination. Don’t kill the messenger. I did not bother writing any individual incidents or crimes. Things I wrote about are popular but rarely picked up by English speaking communities because they don’t read Hangul, I guess. And those who do read Hangul don’t read Japanese or Chinese, so they have no or very little choice but to trust Korean claims. But let’s not blame the Tower of Babel.

I think what people in South Korea need today is Phil Collins. So say we all!


6 thoughts on “more than 100 posts in a month

  1. Just keep on posting ,people need a different perspective.
    Unfortunately there are few Koreans who would do the job.
    Just don’t overgeneralize Korean people. Then there will be Korean people who will agree with you—I hope.

  2. Seriously, I really wish any Koreans raise their voices here on this blog. And please tell me when I make a mistake or if I cross the line. I do listen. But I don’t wanna be wasting my time with fanatics like VANK though…

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