Interesting debate

This video(wmv format 10MB) is very interesting. I don’t know where this video was shot. But it looks like it was a discussion about Japanese constitution in a political science class at Colombia University. It’s very hard to hear what they are saying because of the narration, but I think it is worth watching.

An American student thinks it is natural for Japan to revise the constitution and becomes “normal country”, and another worries about the U.S. military presence in Japan withering if Japan becomes “normal” and more independent.

A Korean student explains how China and Korea have “concerns” about “history issue” and not doing well with neighboring countries because of Japan’s wrong doings in the past and present. Then a student from Taiwan speaks that it is not the whole Asian countries think the same way as Korea and China do. For example, in Taiwan…. the way China and Korea are doing is not productive… it is not something other tell Japan what to do or not to do…

Yeah… I can see China and Korea are really different from the rest of the Asian countries in terms of their views toward Japan. It’s the education. It’s because of China. It’s because of many things…


Lee Myung-bak (李明博,이명박) warns Japan ….

South Korea worries about Japan’s constitution revision

Kim Jang-soo, a new sporksman for China?

Obama on Japanese history issue

A new Japan


2 thoughts on “Interesting debate

  1. I can understand Chinese students are against the revision of the constitution. In reality it is not historty—China has a worse record for that matter— but it is a power game between China and Japan.
    Korean people are supposed to feel a threat from China. But it seems some of them want to be a client state of China again. Well if that is their choice.. so be it.

  2. ponta,
    I think you got a point. It makes sense if you look at the history.. of 사대주의(事大主義) in Korea…

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