Korean Education

As I talked about how Korean teach kids in schools[1] or other observe [2], there seem to be no freedom when it comes to Dokdo. This picture below was posted by a Korean.


This piece of paper is a part of the final exam he took in Dec 1st 2005. It reads:

54. Which island is absolutely not part of Japan? (2 points)

1.Hokkaidō 2.Honshū 3.Shikoku 4.Dokdo 5.Kyūshū

He now thinks it is abnormal and shameful. I said “You seem to be a smart guy. You’d better think about studying Japanese or English and get a hell out of Korea” What else could I say…. Then I realized it read “the final exam” and “Japanese II”.

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“Korean history is 5000 years old” business

How VANK operates, aka brainwash, in South Korea

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2 thoughts on “Korean Education

  1. I personally think S Korean Navy should shoot and destroy any Japanese ships knowlingly and illegally entering the Korean waters.

    Germany had to give Alsace-Lorraine areas to France after WW II – why didnt Japan give back Sushi-Ma island back to Korea? It’s just off Busan Korea. Historiaally it is Korean – many Korean touists visit there and Japanese don’t like that … eh?? I can’t beleive Koreans are #1 tourists in Japan.

    Any how stop bickering about DokDo (again Korean Navy should shoot the intruders) and Japan should give back the Busan island back to Korea and stop harrassing Korean toursits and destroy the historical evidences left on that island.

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