King Sejong invasion of Japan

Since no one seems to mention this… It’s called Oei Invasion in 1419 by King Sejong of Chosun era. It was after the Korean invasions of Japan in 1274 and 1281. And the latest invasion aggressiveness was the one-sided “war” on Dokdo/Takeshima capturing thousands of Japanese fishermen and some were killed. Now they’ve got a ship called Dokdo followed by

May 25, South Korea’s first Aegis destroyer is launched at a dockyard in the southeastern port city of Ulsan. … It was named “Sejong the Great of Joseon” after the Joseon Dynasty monarch..

All the “Japan lovers” out there talk out “Japan’s aggression” every chance they get[1the overthinker“]. And the funniest controversy they love to talk about is “Japanese historical revisionism”.

Let’s take this Oei Invasion in 1419 by King Sejong. Koreans call this invasion a “punishment”. And they claim Korea never invaded any country in 5000 years of imaginary history. This tiny distortion is nothing compared to other parts of their official Korean history.

Then people go like “You Jap has been filthy war criminal holocaust denier war praising nationalist militarist evil right winger dictatorship imperialism from the beginning ……….”

ha ha ha


Man.. every time I re-read the posts I wrote I find something to fix.. spelling, grammar, etc… shoot.


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